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22nd Feb 2013
Zend Integrates PhoneGap into PHP Tools for Cloud Apps and Mobile

Zend, an open source PHP based framework, has announced its three ground-breaking products in the Zendcon conference held in October, 2012 that are designed to jack up the power of PHP language beyond conventional web platform.

For many software and web development companies across the globe, PHP is the ultimate platform for fast development and deployment of web applications and web services. Integrating with a number of framework, this legendary scripting language powers numerous online portals, from world-famous Facebook and Wikipedia to small business websites.

The release of new products by Zend community has enabled PHP scripting language to tap from the bustling cloud and mobile app market. And due to this, PHP has become one of the strongest contender in the world of enterprise and mobile application development today.
So, let’s check out the three flagship product updates unveiled by Zend Community:

  • Zend Studio 10

Zend Studio 10 is one of the finest PHP IDE (integrated development environment) which make it a lot easier to create cloud-connected mobile apps. The platform has become an inevitable tool for all professional developers who strive to build excellent business apps using PHP.

Gone are the days when the developers require multiple IDEs for developing multi-platform mobile applications. Zend Studio 10 thrives on PhoneGap Integration that enables developers to build cross-platform mobile apps using a single IDE.

Zend Studio features easy drag-and-drop facility for both client-side interface design and RESTful web service development. In-built jQuery and PhoneGap applications allow developers to write, test and launch mobile apps that work across all mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

The studio has in-built emulator displays that shows how your mobile app will look like on a specific device. It also supports the latest version of PHP, version 5.4, meaning the developers can use the new syntax like traits while coding.

Using this award-winning Zend IDE, one can write PHP code faster, maintain the code easily, resolve problems quickly, extend the app into cloud, streamline the entire process and enhance team collaboration.

  • Zend Server 6

This is another PHP Zend Development tool that has brought to the table a plethora of benefits for professional developers as well as businesses who want to leverage from the cutting-edge technologies.

Zend Server 6 features a complete API based architecture that runs business critical PHP apps on-premise and in the cloud. It has also brought major advances in application management, scalability and enterprise promptitude. Today, Zend Server is one of the most widely used PHP application server in the world. It is used by a number of word-famous brands like eBay, NYSE, Euronext and GE.

  • Zend Server Gateway

The new Zend server Gateway comprises of a set of PHP APIs incorporating Zend Framework 2 components. It provides PHP apps and web services with a simple and flexible method of enabling cloud services.

The gateway facilitates routing, automatic parameter binding, authentication, filtering and validation for RESTful web services, so they can interact with different client devices in the cloud.

Undoubtedly, PHP is ruling the world of enterprise app development. If you too want to make the most of these latest updates by Zend community, PHP development India is the answer.


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As we all know that the Latest version of Zend provides end-to-end solutions that enable users to create mobile and cloud apps quicker. It also enables us to deploy applications on a fault-tolerant and scalable cloud application platform and PhoneGap is a popular tool for deploying mobile apps to multiple mobile platforms which also gives us so many nice features.



Excellent post about IDE. Zend Studio is a great IDE I have ever known. Thanks for sharing it.

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