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23rd Aug 2013
WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” – What’s New?

About WordPress 3.6

According to WordPress, the newest version, 3.6, is the best WordPress version ever! It has just gone live this month. It includes a fantastic blog-centric theme, a new and improved auto-save feature, along with post locking, native support for embedded video or audio files, a completely new version of the revision browser, Rdio, SoundCloud, and a new level of Spotify integration.

The new release is nicknamed “Oscar” after the famous Oscar Peterson, jazz pianist. The release team was led by Aaron Campbell and Mark Jaquith, and contributed to by a whole bunch of other great people, with amazing talent at WordPress. The revision reflects the product excellence you expect from WordPress.

Features of WordPress 3.6

Now it’s time to check out some of those fabulous new features for users and developers which the new 3.6 version of WordPress brings to the table.

First and most noticeable is the new professional theme in bold modern art design, the Twenty Thirteen Theme. Created for both computer and mobile devices makes this an exceptionally flexible design which helps you to reach a much larger audience than ever before. This colorful theme is a single column design which focuses on content and media for a richer blogging experience.

Other new features include

  • A new built in media player in HTML5, embeds video and audio files and eliminates the need for any external service.
  • Easy to use and easy to understand Menu Editor
  • Newly enhanced Auto-Save lets you forget about manual saving or forgetting to save!
  • Post Locking and new and improved Revisions, allows you to protect your work from alteration by others, and gives you the option to scroll right through all your changes and view every change line by line, and it tells you who made those changes.
  • Last, but definitely not least, 3.6 offers native support for Spotify, SoundCloud and Rdio, speeding up the embed time for all of your media choices, and making it easier to share them.

Developers have not been overlooked by “Oscar” 3.6, and they will enjoy a number of enhanced features, as well.

  • Comment or search forms can now use HTML5 markups
  • Accessing metadata such as ID3 tags has been enhanced by a new video/audio API
  • Enhanced revision filters allow history data to be stored in different amounts according to the type of post
  • There are even more developer improvements which you can see on the Codex listing

Thoughts on “Oscar” 3.6

All in all, “Oscar” 3.6 really does all of the things that WordPress says it will, and we were very satisfied that it lives up to its reputation. The auto-save, enhanced revisions and post locking features are truly valuable assets for protecting your content. The new audio/video features are exactly what was needed. Those outside media services seem to work when they want to and not, when they don’t. So, from what we have determined, this feature eliminates the issues of getting your media embedded into your content, and Kudos for this one!


The new features offer enhanced security, easier media options and a number of enhancements that developers will love, as well. It is recommended that you go ahead and update your current sites to the 3.6 version as soon as possible. This will give you that added control over access to your content, and as always allow you to update multiple sites with a single click. Really, what’s not to love?


I have got WordPress 3.6 installed on my website and I am pretty pleased with the end result. Really it has nice features.

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