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19th Nov 2012
Why Content Is King in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is undoubtedly considered as a scientific process to increase the traffic on the site and improve its rankings. When it comes to SEO the first thing that comes in the mind of a person is that the process of SEO mainly involves finding and using the keywords and in turn increasing the business. For this it is to be assumed that through the keywords the users will go to the related website and perform the action which would increase sales.

This assumption is too big when there are about 200,000,000 websites present on the internet. Thus drawing people to your website by providing useful content is very necessary. Only then they are drawn towards your site through the keywords integrated into the content. Thus content can be considered as the king because it is the key for attracting users towards the site and holding them.

However the views about this in the SEO community is divided. There is some percentage of people who would favor content oriented methods over the link oriented methods while exact opposite is the case with the other half.
However we move forward keeping in mind that white SEO techniques are best and which would give the best expected results. If you hire SEO in India then such techniques are followed for good rankings. Thus we give content of the website the utmost importance and mention here why content can be considered as the king in SEO.


A backlink is the key factor of ranking in the SERPs. It is through these link backs that the search engine indexers find out how credible the site is and whether it should be given higher rankings for particular search queries. The search engine also checks how many websites are following your website. Sounds complicated but it is simple if you do it simply. Create good content which is useful to users and share it on other sites to get backlinks.

Authoritative sites

When a particular website forms a strong network of links then that website is said to have authority. When search determines that your has authority while indexing then it gives a boost to your search engine rank. This authority is maintained with the help of good content and not just keywords.


Usually no-one carries out the search using the keywords. Users use phrases for carrying out a search on some topic. Getting good ranks through key-phrases rather than a keyword is much easier. If one has good content the key-phrases can be written naturally and strategically.

Updating the website

Search engines keep a tab on the site checking how often the content is updated on the website. It checks whether the same keywords are used in the updated content or new keywords are integrated. Less value is given to the site which update the same keywords.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are the keywords which are kept on the dashboard of the website or say behind the scene. This was effective in earlier years but its effectiveness has reduced since then. Thus this is a clear indication that emphasis on content is increasing as the search evolves.


Content of the website is the most important factor for SEO of any website. Each and every factor that affects the search rankings of a website depend on the quality of content in one way or the other.


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