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23rd Mar 2010
What to do to save your PC from virus

Millions of computer users are facing virus affecting their system and such cyber attacks are increasing day by day. To survive against such virus attacks successfully is not easier as it sounds. You required to follow some basic strategy for long term. Virus a biology term that means the small insect that can harm human being with their presence in the body. This term is also accepted in computer technology in terms the program that can your computer system is termed as computer virus. Computer virus attacks also known as cyber attack which can attack to your PC without getting noticed. It starts spreading in your PC and start harming your software and hardware as well.

The internet is found to be the hotspot for viruses. It has been found that internet users become easier target of such cyber attacks compare to non-internet users. But also keep in the mind non-internet users also get the viruses by installing some applications/programs, use of external devices like pen drives, CDs etc.

Some small compromise with PC security can increase the chances of virus attacks like network level compromising with firewalls, Installing/Using un-trustworthy applications/programs. It is necessary to take regular data backup to protect your precious data.

Recent studies shows most cyber attacks getting success because the computer users are falling short with primary cyber defense like firewall and anti-virus they are using. The other way to stop making virus take control on your system is by taking down the applications/programs vulnerability to zero level. Use only trustable applications and avoid use of unnecessary applications. Stop download of software, movies, songs, etc. from unreliable websites which is the primary source of cyber attack.

Use well known tools available in the market to protect your data/code because it the attacker get into your code than it is easier for him to get the confidential information from your PC. TeamMentor is widely used tool by software development centers; it helps developers to secure their code from cyber attack. Keep checking the old and the new code with well known scanners like CheckMarx or Fortify to make remove any vulnerability the code have, but many developers are not keen to follow this practice as they are already burdened with backlog and new code complexity.

Keep some basic point in mind which will save you from cyber attack:

  • Purchase authentic anti-virus software which providing full security features and update it regularly
  • Try to avoid clicking on to unknown links
  • Don’t fall in to the net with bogus emails which lucrative offers
  • Always scan the external devices like CDs, pen drives, memory cards, etc. before using it
  • Make your firewall and networking settings more secure
  • Take regular backup and save it on secure servers
  • Avoid code vulnerability
  • Avoid installing malicious applications/programs

The attackers are using new tricks and techniques to attack the computers. Some programmers like to spread virus to show their ability. Use the above mentioned tips to survive from cyber attacks which are on rise.


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