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22nd Nov 2012
W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin : Must Use

The site speed is a very important factor which largely affects the bounce rate of the site. The site should be such that it can sustain numerous visits without crashing. For this purpose the cache of the site should be cleared on time to time basis. The W3 total cache WP plugin which is such a tool which helps in removing all the cache is very useful. Is used on famous and credible sites like Mashable, CSS_Tricks, WPBegineer and Matt Cutt’s blog. Popular host HostGator recommends it as well.

Complete cache  solutions by this plugin include Page cache, database cache, browser cache, the object cache, CDN integration so on and so forth. Many of these terms might sound like the alien language for the amateurs. However below we provide details of this plugin and its usage as explained by PHP developer.

The server performance improves by using W3 Total Cache and this improves the user experience in return. The plugin does the work of caching each and every aspect of the site and this reduces the time of download or loading. Also the CDN integration which is provided as mentioned earlier is transparent.

What it does?

  • Pages and database queries cached

WordPress users very well know that it is a dynamic system. For those who are unaware what it means, WP runs in the database when user asks for something, it then fetches the required data, makes some changes according to the theme layout and then presents it to the user. This process takes up a lot of effort and time. Moreover this process is repeated for each and every page even though the content doesn’t change much.

Now the W3 total cache plugin will keep a full page copy in memory of every page. And sends it to the user whenever requested. If there is some new content added to the page it will make sure that the content is displayed as well so that the pages are always up to date.

  • Browser Cache setting

The browsers which the user will use for opening the websites doesn’t generally know which files can be cached on the local machine. Moreover mostly the websites don’t include the relevant information to tell the browsers what can be cached and for how long. W3TC plays an important role here because it makes sure that the proper settings are sent to the browsers so that the local cache is used effectively. This reduces the number of files which are to be sent from server to browser each and every time.


Features of W3TC

  • There are many positive aspects of the W3 total cache plugin. Below mentioned are its features which are worth mentioning.
  • It supports mobile devices. Respective caching of the pages by referrer or it can be by the groups comprising of user agents.
  • This plugin is compatible with shared hosting, and also compatible with dedicated servers or clusters.
  • It can do caching of pages in the memory of the user machine or also in the memory of CDN.
  • It can cache CSS and Javascript similarly in the memory or on CDN.
  • It can cache SERPs in memory and on disk as well.
  • Caching of database and objects. Again this can be done in memory or on the disk.
  • The plugin can minify posts, pages, and feeds. Apart from this it can minify inline, embedded or 3rd party javascript and CSS.
  • One of the important feature is Javascript grouping by template with location control.
  • It can import posts attachments directly into the media library.


Thus every WordPress system, small or big, can be benefitted from W3TC. It can make the site run efficiently which would impress the users and spreads the word around about your services.


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