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16th Feb 2013
The Role of Infographics in SEO

Before we look into the significance of Infographics in today’s world of SEO, first let’s have a brief idea of what is it all about.

What is Infographics?

Infographics is a visual representation of information about any product or service in the form of graphics. You might have seen infographics in the science books of your child or in comic books purchased while travelling.

Any complex idea can be easily conveyed by creating an info-graphic. Not only it makes easy for users to understand the information, but saves a lot of time in reading it and make it more enjoyable for them. So, this graphical style of information representation is used when a lot of details or knowledge needs to be explained or narrated in less time very clearly.

Rightly chosen or designed images can help one explain any concept in the easiest manner. Our ancestors used this style of information sharing in drawing maps and paintings. Thus, this isn’t a new thing for many who know that a single image can be better than thousand words.

Infographics and SEO

Over the last five years, Infographics has become a latest way of sharing information over the internet. It has turned out to be a key way of marketing the websites through search engine optimization (SEO). Their significance in SEO came in more limelight with the buzz of social media. Info-graphics are aesthetically appealing, so they can easily grab users’ attention and attract users to read the information embedded within them.

Here are the top 5 benefits of including Infographics amongst your SEO Strategies:

  • Share Large Size Information in a single Image
  • Infographics feature large size information in form of a simple HTML page. Meaning you can share many details in connection to your website or online products in a single image.

  • Make Information Scannable and Click-worthy
  • Around 90% of the information that comes to our brain is in visual form. Creating info-graphics, one can tap into this optic sense of our brain and boost traffic to their website. Info-graphics make information scannable.

  • Improve visibility on the web
  • The embedded code at the source of info-graphics links back to your website when someone clicks on it. This way, you can get quality back-links and enhance your visibility in search results.

  • Viral marketing on Social Media platforms
  • A nicely designed infographics, with eye-catching colors and designs, stimulate social media users to share it with their friends or circles. Smart generation often share the information about their favorite product or brand over social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. As social media shares too are a part of search engine results, social media marketing of your info-graphics can aid your SEO largely.

  • Build online authority
  • Marketing professionals can use infographics to share information about their company and products on other websites, from where they can receive a link back to their own website. So, you are sharing your brand information and at the same time getting a link. Info-graphics links from top-ranking websites can make you more visible amongst search engines and this in turn will help you build authority online.

Implementing SEO strategy based on Infographics requires thorough understanding of HTML, SEO techniques, SEM and product knowledge. Hiring an SEO consultant India is the perfect way to tap maximum of Infographics for your website SEO.


Thanks for the post, it hit right on the nail. As we all know, day by day people are getting lazier and busier, and that effects their habits. No one has enough time, as well as willing to put efforts on reading long content. So there comes a role of Infographics.The most important benefit is, it helps you convey things in better way and that to visitors to understand in easiest way.

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