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20th Dec 2012
The fundamentals of Guest Blogging Strategy for SEO

If the need arises for guest blogging to be defined for the novices who are new to the SEO field then it can be defined as the activity of accepting posts or articles from bloggers or freelance writers and publishing these on your blog without charging anything. Or the other way round writing these posts for other sites or blogs where it can be posted. It is a traffic building and toll used for networking which would help the blog to grow.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to help in brand building, getting the important backlinks for the site and earning recognition in related circles. The visitors or the target audience for your site should be studied from the content which they like and then producing the best possible content for them.

Guest blogging is an activity which can get completely opposite responses whenever tried. Many times the guest posts are hardly responded and published on blogs. However there are questions asked about the effectiveness of the guest blogging strategy for getting backlinks.

No matter what would be the output of that discussion maybe one can make sure that his guest blogging activity doesn’t get ignored or is not responded. For this there are some steps which are to be followed for successful guest blogging. Hire SEO consultant for getting the best possible output from this completely white hat SEO activity for getting organic backlinks.

Proper Research

The blog which is chosen for content submission play a vital role in growing credibility and increasing visitors. Thus some research should be done before choosing the blog where you want to submit the article. One should make sure that the blogs which are chosen add credibility to their site in turn of the backlink or referral traffic.

Here are some tips for finding good blogs in your niche. Install and use SEOQuake add-on which comes to Firefox and chrome browsers. Check Page Rank (PR) of these blogs and choose the blog with higher PR for submission of the blog. Check the blog’s traffic levels using Compete.com.
Check the blog’s social media reach. How many people are following them on the social networks. Mostly blogs propagate their posts through social media which turns up a lot of traffic. This would bring a lot of traffic for your site as well.

Corresponding with every blog differently

Every blog must be approached differently for requesting them to accept your guest blog. Each blog must be pitched differently with different ways explaining them about the article you want to submit.
Refer the blog properly and mention the posts which are similar to your niche in the mail you are sending for corresponding with the blog admin. Add an opinion about the article you read on their blog and make your mail look different than others. This will make you stand apart and the blogger will take interest in what you want to share.

Pitching properly

While approaching to the blogger with a request of guest blogging share with them the blog that you manage and where in articles by you are published and appreciated by readers. One can include the link to their own blog. If the blogger really feels that the content is good in your blog then it makes the process of acceptance of your guest post very easy.

Also in the pitch you can include a sample of the blog post which you want to submit. There is no need to submit the whole article in the pitch itself. It gives some idea to the blogger what’s in store if he accepts the guest blogging request.

Keep wide approach

All the bloggers don’t readily accept the guest blogging request and thus the response rate is not very high when it comes to guest blogging. Some blogs have fixed guest bloggers whose articles they publish on the blog. A response rate of around 50% is also better. Thus it advisable to send out pitches to a number of blogs. This will increase the chances of getting to write the number of guest posts you actually intend to.


Thus guest blogging being one of the important and clean way of getting the backlinks needs a lot of work and different approaches for getting proper response and diverting the targeted traffic to their site.


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