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20th Apr 2012
Some beneficial updates associated with the Google Analytics

The introductory facts

It is definitely important to keep up with the latest happenings in this world of web in order to sustain, especially if you are a marketing professional where it is even more essential if you handle a firm’s website performance. Google Analytics has been updated and it is essential that we understand it accurately in order to make use of it in an appropriate manner to track a site’s performance. There have been some useful updates made to the Google Analytics which have received positive response from the users. The new version of the Google Analytics comes with better features, information and reporting facilities to aid in increasing your conversions.

Recent updates introduced to the Google Analytics

Some of the updates which have been introduced to the Google analytics are discussed in the following.

New improved interface

It has come with a new interface which appears to have better navigation making it even faster and easier to use than the previous version. It makes it easier for the users to read and find things on the page, besides being better organized.

Social media stats

The focus on social media has increased in the new update of Google analytics and it comes up with social media stats, including reports as a part of it. This is due to the fact that Google has started to use social media as one of the crucial ranking factors since the introduction of its Google +. This helps you to know which social media sites works for you and on which you would like to focus on. To View: Go to “Traffic Source” and then click “Social”.

Real time data reporting

It has appeared to have taken a very helpful step further with the new update by introducing the real time reporting facility, which allows you to check the information about people on a site at that point of time. This aids you by not having to wait too long to get early estimated results which successfully help with strategies and campaigns based on them. To View: After you are in the new version you can select “Home” in the orange navigation and then “Real-Time (BETA)” on the left navigation.

The real time overview comprises of the following:

  • Number of Current Visitors (New & Returning)
  • Top Referral Locations
  • Top Keywords
  • Top Active Pages
  • Top Locations

Multi Channel Funnels

Usually companies tend to make use of various marketing tools and platforms, where many times a conversion takes place after being through multi touch points over platforms. This new feature of the Google analytics appears to give information and the marketing methods that tend to lead to a conversion (sale). It gives information on the platforms your customers used to connect and interact over the time period which leads to the conversion, amongst others. To view this section, go to the “Standard Reporting” tab select “Conversions” in the left navigation, and then you will see the “Multi-Channel Funnels” section.

The channels which are tracked contains the:

  • Paid and organic search
  • Referral Sites
  • Affiliates
  • Social Networks
  • Email Newsletters
  • Offline Campaigns with Vanity URLs

Site Speed

To improve your website, it might be a good idea to know how fast or slow your individual pages load. This aspect appears to be of great importance as slow sites might have a negative effect, as visits might cost more to a slower site on paid searches. Moreover, it might play a key role in the organic search rankings as indicated by Google, where a 1 second delay can result up to &% reduction in conversions. To see the site speed reports, go to the “content” tab and click “Site Speed”.

Visitors Flow

This can be used to monitor the flow of visitors through a site on how they are moving around your site. This feature will allow you to more promptly identify and find insights on how website users are progressing through your website. Do visitors from diverse traffic sources flow a different direction? Where do most returning visitors go on the website? After reviewing the prices which direction the mobile users take, etc. All these aspects are taken care of by this and this saves a lot of time as well. To View: Directly below the “Mobile” section in “Standard Reporting”.

Mobile Reporting

This is a great addition to the Google analytics which proves to be the need of the day. With this feature you can know about how users interact with your site when they are using mobile devices. You can also identify which types of mobile devices are being used so you can optimize for those particular tools. Therefore making your site mobile friendly is definitely essential. To View: Under the “Standard Reporting” tab select “Audience” in the left navigation, and then you will see the “Mobile” option.

The concluding facts

The above discussed features have already made a mark in the market and appear to be extremely beneficial to the users in their analytics process. It would therefore prove to be very useful to hire a SEO consultant from India with proven expertise with Google Analytics to successfully aid your site from the SEO point of view.


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