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Social Media Marketing

We help you express your vision into interactive and creative designs that would help you create your individual presence on the web.
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Social Media Marketing

Today, the basic requirement for any business to thrive in the market is to have a functional website. Every customer wants you to have a website, where they can read about services, interact and give necessary suggestions if needed. Customers also look for you on their PC, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets and other devices as well.

The prime reason to have a website is to add trust, reputation and much needed stature for any business. Business that interacts with their customer’s everyday are very much acclaimed, they receive positive feedback and with rich content, they manage to build a very firm client base. The social media services of ZealousWeb enables you to show what people are talking about your business, what do they like and what they would expect you to change.

In addition, we will suggest all necessary tactics to reach as many audiences as possible through content and other strategies. We will help you build BRAND AWARENESS. The social media audit carried by our team along with competitive analysis and specially customized strategies; we teach the businesses how to use the social web at your disposal. We drive traffic to the site, enhance the customer experience and deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Services We Offer:-

  • Customers, who are online, always share there needs desires and expectation with services. Through audit reports and regular social media monitoring we help you connect the customer with your service. They express their desires and you can repay them, thus creating a strong client-service relationship. Such, approach also helps you to have an edge over your competitors.
  • We leverage the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn at our advantage top promote the business. Facebook is still the #1 social media platform and many users like to connect with the brand through Facebook. Twitter is a boon for small-scale businesses.
  • A survey shows that more than 60% of people like to buy form the brand that they follow on Twitter. Such is also the case with LinkedIn. Being the largest professional network in the world, people are likely to build trust on the brand that interacts with them through LinkedIn.
  • Pinterest is one other medium to look out for. An image-sharing platform that enables the users to have a look at your products. In addition, Pinterest generates highest per click revenue, not even Facebook and Twitter can manage such ratio. Therefore, Pinterest is a go to medium as well.
  • Google+ is the second largest social media platform. It is still evolving, but it helps you to connect with your customers on varieties of level, thus building creditability using the authorship and many such interactive features.
  • Being the 3rd largest search engine the world, YouTube is the perfect platform to show the customer what you do and how you do. With informative videos and other rich content shared, it is a perfect way to show the world what you do.

Along with such state of the art strategies, ZealousWeb also focus on competitive analysis, creating a perfect social media profile, Designing a blog and optimizing it, building communities and monitoring the overall progress of the website.

ZealousWeb is with you every step, paving the way for an ultra successful social media campaign. We will help you generate the brand awareness.

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