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28th Sep 2013
Revamped Google Trends and How to Use It

New Version of Google Trends Google has announced a significant update to its Google Trends service. Those two new features are Trending Top Charts and Hot Searches.

Google says that, user experience will become more powerful as they can compare their search by time, region, category and series to name a few. Also the company has moved to Google products, countries as well as categories such as YouTube, Web Search and many more to the top navigation.

With these changes, Google Trends has become more consistent with so many other Google properties. “It has made it easier to discover powerful tools to compare countries and time ranges.” Google says.

The new trending charts are taking the things a bit ahead. As ‘Google Trends’ will let you explore Trending Top Charts for a number lists across sports, entertainment and politics to name a few. It has received amazing feedbacks from the users who are looking for the most searched items overall and also what is spiking compared with usual search volumes.

One more amazing thing is that you can now see the past 30 days of hot searches as well. And across all categories, this new view will provide you a recap of what was hot overall.

Some Features of Google Trends

Google Trends has an amazing new interface which has changed the way you add search terms and the way you compare search volumes. This new user interface will show you some big building blocks above the chart and also you will be seeing filters which you will find at the top of the page. There are 2 main new features given below:

1) Top Charts:

There is a page named ‘Top Charts’ which includes “trending charts” and “most searched”. There are many such charts which include cities, countries, actors, animals, authors, books, cars, chemical elements, colleges and universities, drinks, games, medications, movies, people, scientists, software technologies, space objects, sports teams and TV shows to name a few.

Most Searched vs Trending Charts

For example: ‘Most searched’ shows that US is the top searched country now but ‘Trending option’ shows that people have spiking interest in Syria i.e. it is in trend.

Most Serached vs Trending Charts

2) Hot Searches

The section named ‘Hot Searches’ has a calendar view where you can see the hottest topics from the past 30 days, which has really got nice look.

Hot Searches for Today

Hot Searches for Today

Hot Searches in Past 30 Days

Hot Searches in Past 30 Days

Google informed that “Click the new calendar icon at the top of the ‘Hot Searches’ page for any of our thirteen supported countries. Hover on a topic for some quick information and a link to see more search trends for the past 30 days.”

How to Use it ?

Google Trends is the most versatile tools available for SEO ever. To develop an Internet marketing campaign, if you could use one SEO tool then this product would be a strong competitor.

Let us see how to use this information for SEO:

Keyword Research – Since Google Trends works best when it is used in combination with the Keyword Planner, though it doesn’t give actual search numbers. Google Trends will show a relative level of interest for a prospective keyword phrase as well as allowing you to compare the level of interest among potential target phrases.

Geo-Targeting – Google Trends has broken down the search data by region.

Content Creation – For developing content ideas that people are actually interested in, ‘Top Charts’ is the superb resource.

Link Building – To draw attention, you need to create the content that people want to read and are looking for, as the links are actually a measure of success.

Brand Monitoring – It only works for “big Brands”, but with the sufficient search volume.

Summary :

For developing content ideas, which will get you more links and traffics, and the only best tool available is the Google Trends. You can use this tool to grab your targeted customers which will grow your business for sure.


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