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25th Aug 2008
Recent Google Adwords Changes in Quality Score

Google always keeps on updating its algorithm, either it’s for Organic Search or Paid Search. This time it’s for Google Adwords. Prior to two days i.e. on August 24, 2008, Trevor Claiborne (Inside Google AdWords crew member) announced on the official Google Adwords Blog that in coming weeks, Google will be implement major changes in Google Adwords Quality Score.

Google Adwords

Lets me explore some of the major changes he outlined, that are going to be implemented within coming weeks. Which are as below:

  • Dynamic Quality Score – Quality Score will be calculated at the time of each search query

Now the quality score for each keyword will be more accurate then before, because the new quality score will be calculated quality score at the time of each search query and so would not remain static any more. The static per-keyword Quality Scores will now be replaced with a system that will evaluate an ad’s quality each time it matches a search query. So now your paid ads will be more likely to show when they are relevant and less likely to show when they are not.

  • Keywords won’t be marked as ‘inactive for search’ now

As per his post, now the keywords will no longer appear as ‘inactive for search’ in your Google Adwords campaign. Instead, all the keywords will then have the chance to show ads on Google web search and the search network, provided they are not paused or deleted by you manually.

  • “Minimum Bid” will be replaced with “First page bid”

The minimum important factor of showing minimum bid for certain keyword will not longer be available, and in replacement to it Google will show more meaningful metric of first page bids. The minimum keyword bid which we was showing in our Google Adwords campaign will not longer show, and will be replaced by first page bids. In replacement of showing minimum bid for showing the Ad it will show bid to appear your ad on 1st page for targeted keyword queried. The keywords are based on the exact match version of the keyword

These changes should roll out to live in by September 2008. Having implemented these features will have major fluctuation in ad placements of advertisers.

Some effects of these changes:

  • Relative & Quality Ads will be displayed better, then non relative
  • CPC will keep on fluctuating
  • All the keywords in the group will have a chance to show ads on Google web search
  • Competition in Google Adwords Advertising will increase due to transparency of bid to get on 1st page of SERPs (not to say, obviously in paid Ad column) for certain keywords
  • Bid & competition will keep on increasing, as one advertisers will try to pay higher bid then another to get his/her ad prior to them or on 1st page.
  • Now your Ads will be shown in results for all the keywords you have targeted, either on earlier or following pages.

We look forward to see these changes live very soon.

Should you need more details of same, kindly visit Quality Score Improvement post on Google Adwords official blog.


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