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3rd Dec 2010
Problems of Duplicate Content – The Best Way to Solve This Plagiarism

Web is constantly changing and developing according to our changing needs. So, it becomes quite vital for web developers or consultants along with SEO experts to keep up with the changing development and induce new strategies to catch up with the fast track of search engines.

Being a SEO consultant company, we are always on the verge to find new ways and solutions for varies problems faced by websites. We try to find effective solutions through websites for visitors to help them find what they looking for in Google search engine.

SEO executives, professionals and people like you who are always looking for new SEO strategy know about “International Link Building” which implies to segregate your website content in different languages consistently in order to prevent issues of plagiarism.

This is just restricted to website who wants to offer its services in different regions with geographical limits. But, suppose you want to offer your goods or products to customers worldwide and have to offer different stock in every region based on the requirement of that particular region. Or suppose need to offer stock to different countries having same language like in West Europe.

So, what is the solution for such issues where every product is indexed in the right language but have to show visitors from particular country the right stock? Here comes # in handy which solves this problem

Let’s Find Out How This # is Helpful

  • On the product page you must have all your translated products and also placed it in the specific country segment of your website like subdomain or directory.
  • For example let’s see that the product page is in the German segment of the website so it will show all products with German descriptions and titles. This you have done so that search engines index all your products in that particular language.
  • Now the problems come when you need to offer your German speaking Russian customers a different stock according the stock available in that region. How do we going to sort this out?
  • Know visitor by IP or show (new) visitors a pop-up (JavaScript Lightbox, not the old school popup) where they have to specify their country. From this, a hash tag will be added to the URL (e.g., /DE/#рф) so the JavaScript can determine what products to show for that country (Рф is the new domain for Russia).
  • Thus, the better way to do this is to load the country HTML page from the JavaScript or make a different database query (nicely dynamic). This way search engines will still see all products, while the visitor only sees the right stock.


  • Overall, this way you can help your visitors to find the stock in the language they are searching in as well as search engines index all the products. Here, we can say that website has only to be segregated by language instead of country.
  • This also helps to prevent translating the same products in the same language for different countries repeatedly and keeps it unique. Apart from this you can even add new products to your stock.
  • Thus, as a SEO consultant firm, we highly recommend youto make use of this # in order to help your visitors find out the right stock.


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