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27th Sep 2012
Planning to Redesign Your Website?

If your answer to the question asked in the title is ‘YES’ then spend a few minutes on reading this article thoroughly. And even if your answer is ‘NO’ then read it for future reference. Here you will find the factors and reasons one should consider for redesigning a website.


    • Broken parts on the site

It’s the way how the website is presented, decided whether the visitor is going to like it or not. According to statistics any visitor forms an opinion about any particular website within first 3 seconds of visiting it. So your layout of the website should be impressive and if its not then it is one of the important reasons to think about redesigning.

    • Confusing Links

Your website should contain proper navigation links. It should be short and meaningful rather than being vague. If your webpages do not contain such meaningful links instead having links which are long and descriptive then that should be changed.

    • Outdated Information

If your website contains information that is outdated then people won’t rely on your website. So to maintain the trust level among the visitors one should keep updating the information. One of the option to keep the listings up to date is using blogs.

    • Dense Body Text

Readability is a very important part when any user visits your website. So the font which is used in the body text should be properly optimized. Normally it should be such that blocks of text should be 12-15 words and 3-5 lines long. Sections of text should be broken using headers. Only the most important parts in these sections should be made bold. If your site text is not optimized similar to this then you should consider modifying it.

These are few the many reasons why one should go for redesigning the website.

Factors to be considered:

    • Goal

Redesigning is not same as designing the site for the first time because you already have a site which is online and changes are to be made in it. So it is very important that the goals of redesigning are predefined so that work is done as per the requirement.

    • Targeted Users

Always keep in mind who are the targeted users of your website. It would be very much helpful in optimization if you always remember whom you are targeting. Because the style which you are going to use, the content and all such things depends on the users who are going to visit your site.

    • Keep SEO in mind while redesigning

Everytime redesigning is undertaken for any website the SEO should always be considered. The design should be made search engine friendly. The title, headers, tags everything should be optimized to improve page ranking and user traffic on your site.

    • Don’t change the feel

Design of site should not be changed drastically because it would mean end of receiving repeated users. In other words repeated users should not feel that they have landed on some alien site. Apart from the key elements one can change other things and keep the site recognizable.

Obviously, the list of factors and reasons could go on but these are few of the important ones. And it is not easy to keep in mind all these things and make changes accordingly. So, it is advisable to hire a web designer to make all the required changes after taking into consideration all the important things that matters.

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Excellent blog very nice and unique information related to planning to redesign website. Thanks for sharing this information.

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