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7th Dec 2012
PHP: What’s all the hype about?

PHP is an acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language designed to fill the gaps between Server Side Includes and Perl. It was released in the year 1995. Initially it was written as a set of CGI in ‘C’.

The main reason behind the popularity of PHP is the syntax it is very similar to the C coding. Also it is quite simple to learn and use so its usage has gained impetus in recent times. Currently the two main versions of PHP that are used are PHP-4 and PHP-5. However PHP-4 is no longer developed or supplied with critical bug fixes. Currently PHP-6 is under development.

The main reason behind the PHP’s success is that it allows web pages to become dynamic. Because of this PHP is preferred worldwide by the web developers. Often written in an HTML context PHP is server-side scripting language. The PHP code which developers use in a script can query databases, read and write files and talk to remote servers. The result which user receives while visiting any PHP based website is PHP code combined with HTML in the script.

How and where it can be used?

PHP is compatible with every operating system viz. Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS X, and RISC OS. PHP is generally used as procedural programming or object oriented programming and sometimes a mixture of both. Now a very useful advantage that PHP provides is its support for ODBC (Open Database Connection Standard). Using ODBC one can connect to all other databases supporting the same standard.

PHP can be embedded directly into HTML code and this advantage makes it more useful. The PHP engine and PHP code can be used on any platform. This makes it very flexible.

Why PHP is advantageous?

Being an open source language, PHP gives a lot of advantages over proprietary programming languages. Hence PHP is more preferred for server side scripting. Time needed to load any page which contains PHP code is very low and so the pages are loaded in very little time. It is especially strong in relational databases, which are used for e-commerce applications.

Who should be given this work?

Generally you can find many of the freelancers who work in the website development. These freelancers generally program in PHP script itself. But one should always be thorough with these programmers in sorting out all the queries beforehand so that there may not be any issues during development.

Normally there are companies which offer complete web solutions. This includes web development, web designing, SEO, maintenance. Companies offering such services have highly dedicated programmers who thrive to develop new and innovative websites for the clients. It is always advantageous to give the project to such companies because these are one stop solution for the clients. Starting from the designing phase till the marketing strategy, each and everything is taken care by the company you hire and so you can get a perfect product at the end.

Companies like these also offer PHP programmers for hire. Hire professional PHP developers who are specifically bound to your project. This gives an advantage of focused and perfect work for the client and that too within a specified period of time.


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