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5th Jan 2013
New and Useful WordPress Plugins

A free and open source blogging tool, WordPress, is not a new word to any of the netizens who are aware of the blogosphere. WordPress provides a dynamic CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP and MySQL. The main feature that makes WordPress so popular is its template system and plug-in architecture. It is currently the most famous CMS in use.

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little first released it on May 27, 2003. Now it is in such a huge demand that by the end of December 2011, its version 3.0 was downloaded over 65 million times.

WordPress continuously adds new functionality and features in form of plug-ins to make the already powerful blogging tool more effective. Here we are discussing a few of the useful plug-ins in WordPress that can make your blog successful.

  • Verelo Blog Monitoring Plug-in
  • What is it that all the blog administrators are afraid of the most? Malware attack or hacks. Verelo keeps checking your blog continuously and protects it from any such illicit activities. It keeps on checking your blog every 5 minutes from multiple global locations to protect your blog and that too for free.

  • Google & Bing Translator
  • If you think that your blog has a worldwide appeal and that it can attract users from different backgrounds then this is the plugin you should have in your blog. It provides translation of your blog in almost 70 languages including all the important ones. So now people from around the globe can visit your blog and take interest in it.

  • Follow Us
  • This plug-in provides 3 different ways to integrate the social media networks viz. facebook, twitter, stumble upon, pinterest, google+ to your blog.

  • Slide-Show
  • Now integrate the slideshow in your blog using the images from WordPress webpage. It is compatible with WordPress version 3.0 or higher. And in the latest update videos can also be added to these slideshows which can be placed anywhere on the website.

  • Twitter Chat
  • The latest most effective way to connect your twitter followers. Any of the visitors type in this widget’s area it is uploaded as a tweet in your twitter account. So like this the conversation can go on.

  • iWPhone
  • This plugin reformats the content of your blog optimized for view on iPhone and iPod touch. This plugin detects the user agent of your iPod/ iPhone and serves the content of the site in an optimized format.

  • SEO Rank Reporter:
  • Every site owner wants to find out the current google rank of his post or a webpage on his website. This is the best plugin one can have for this purpose. You just need to select the keywords. This plugin will track these keywords every 3 days and based on it your Google rankings and sends the report in the form of graphs.

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