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22nd Jul 2013
Most Favorite Joomla Components to Start Your Website

Joomla is by far, one of the most popularly used web content management system in the world today. Since more and more people are depending upon the internet for their basic requirements, it has become quite obvious that a strong, yet simple CMS is of absolute necessity.


Every company today wishes to have a great website which can prove to be a launch pad for their economic success. However, if one is stuck in the rut of the technicalities involved in maintaining a website, there is no doubt that your original business may suffer. This is where Joomla helps the entrepreneurs. It is simple and effective and does not require any background knowledge in web technologies.

Joomla Components

If you have wondered about how Joomla can be helpful in starting your website, then this is your answer. Joomla essentially consists of many components which are helpful in creating unique and user friendly websites.

  • Better URLs with sh404SEF for a better SEO: Joomla is infamous for having some of the ugliest URLs that create problems, when it comes to search engine optimization. However, with the sh404sef, you can create great URLs.
  • Joomla Content Editor for smarter and easier editing: The JCE is a must have component of the Joomla. It enables you to edit all the content on your Joomla website absolutely seamlessly.
  • Xmap – Site map generator for a powerful and crisp sitemap: The sitemap of a website plays a very crucial role. Although it is most often sidelined, one should not undermine its importance. The Xmap is one such generator that can create fabulous sitemaps.


Since the world of websites is extremely complex and is made of multiple elements, Joomla facilitates its users with the help of some great extensions. They are:

  • Joomla Multimedia: Joomla offers some of the best multimedia extensions like Commedia and Megablaster which help in easy handling of multimedia files for your website.
  • Joomla SEO: Since SEO is the prime guiding factor of every website today, Joomla provides with great extensions that allow for superior search engine optimization. There are plug ins for social networking and bookmarking which help in making your site popular.
  • Joomla Community: There are various Joomla extensions that help you stay connected with others in the Joomla community so that in the unlikely event of you getting stuck somewhere you can easily get help from others using this CMS.
  • Joomla ecommerce: Joomla is a very shopping carts friendly CMS thereby allowing you to create some of the best shopping carts in the online world.
  • Joomla Calendars: JcalPro is one of the most trusted Joomla Calendar Extension
  • Joomla News and Events: The Joomla extensions for news and events can help you in building stunning News-like websites which are always popular among the people. Also there are many reasons for choosing Joomla as an e-commerce development platform.

On the whole, Joomla is an extremely useful and user friendly CMS which can open whole new avenues of starting up websites. If you are a small or medium sized business enterprise, you can hire PHO developer to create a Joomla powered website, which can help in boosting your overall profitability.

Alan Smith
Alan Smith

Yes agree joomla has lots of features which make user as well as seo friendly website.

Tejas khatri
Tejas khatri

Hi Admin, joomla is the most popular open source CMS currently available as each factor like eCommerce (virtual mart, k2),blogging(lyften),social-networking(jomsocial).i like joomla framework.i personally recommended joomla website development.because it's best.


I appreciate the efforts that author puts for developers like us. Thank you, for sharing such useful joomla third party extension list.This article saved my time! Keep sharing :)


Hi Admin. I appreciate all your points at Joomla Extension. Really a great post for Joomla lovers. Keep sharing like this.


Thanks a lot for your input. Personally I love WordPress but Joomla is much better! It's a great post for beginners who would like to use Joomla.

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