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29th Nov 2010
Latest Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2010

With the internet spreading world wide at a revising speed it has become quite important for business to show their presence in the virtual market to reach far and wide targeting their potential customers.

In 2010, online market has show tremendous growth and still it will continue to grow in the coming years. It is well known that google plays a vital role in online marketing. Websites that tops in google ranking will surely get colossal amount of visitors to the website compare to the other sources. Thus the only way to top search engines like google, bing or yahoo is search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO experts and professionals always ponder upon whether to continue with current SEO strategy to top the search engines or to evolve new ways due to the dynamic changes taking place in Google’s algorithm. In fact, google always show variation in ranking with some hard to solve formulas for SEO masters.


Let us check some of the notable trends in Google search results of 2010:

* Geo location of any search query:

Search engine Google algorithms pay more attention to GEO location of any search query. That implies that search results in Google.com vary in USA and UK. The variation of results can vary upon competition of querying keyword. Thus, that shows that higher the competition, higher the variation.

* Great role of Social Media and Social Networking:

With more people getting connected through internet, Social media and social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter have also shown some noticeable impact on search engine results in 2010. It started including twits from the twitter in search engine results. So, it’s time to include social media optimization as one of the search engine optimization SEO strategies for SEO companies.

* Back-links from Low PR and Irrelevant websites:

This is about directory submissions, link farms and reciprocal link exchanges. Continuous back links ffrom low PR and irrelevant websites may really lower your rankings. In the nutshell, it is also irrelevant to use two-way or three-way link exchanges in order to improve rankings. Google is very smart and getting tougher with spammers. Thus, it is not difficult for Google with lots of experts to find two-way or three-way links.

* Google will no more equal to Search Engine:

Google has dominated for more than a decade but now facing a tough competition from its competitors – Yahoo and Bing. Compare to Yahoo, Bing is giving more efficient results. In 2010 Google has faced great challenges from Bing. Apart from this if Bing and Yahoo tie up then a great revolution can take place in search engine arena.

* Some other small but important factors:

Page load time, bounce rate, domain age would remain some other factors that will gain importance in search engine results of Google. Google has already announced that page load time would be a factor in search engine result pages, to give user improved and fast loading websites in search results.

New developments are taking place quite quickly in search engine market. Thus, we can see some exciting and new trends emerging for Search Engine Optimization SEO in 2010. So, it is advisable to stop services of SEO Company that are still using old-age trends of SEO strategies if you want to gain high page ranks. Get guidelines from expert SEO consultancy in order to move ahead in this competitive online market. Thus, time to get smart and start using the new trends of SEO of 2010 to be ahead in the New Year 2011.


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