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9th Sep 2008
Increase Sales with Local Optimization Strategies

Today’s Scenario is such that, no one has time to digg tons of websites providing the same product or service s/he is looking for and find the best website amongst them. Every visitor searching on any search engine needs / expects very specific results from search engines, so the search engine has to update their algorithm to give them best results.

To get success in this cutting edge online competition, you need to optimize your website for very specific and relevant keywords, which will not only bring quality traffic but will also improve conversion ratio of your web design. One of the emerged ways is optimizing website with Local Search algorithms. It is always a good idea to try and implement each and every tactic you know, in order to get the most visitors to your website.

For example: Many times it may happen that when a visitor from India is searching for any service like Website Designing, they will get a listing of different Website Designing companies in Malaysia. Is it useful for them? The answer is no, its not. So visitor now will query keywords with “product or service + location”. This will now mostly return result with list of local companies on the top of listing (as shown in below image).

Local optimization searches are super easy to do and can be a great way to attract visitors. Getting listed on this list will stand you different from others and bring your quality traffic. So want to get listed? Try some of under-mentioned tactics to get listed and ranking higher on it:

Factors to get Ranking in Local Search Optimization

  • Add your business to Google Map Search by logging in here
  • Include city / state name in title tags of your website
  • Add physical address information on the site pages (its always recommended to write in footer)
  • Add a phone number with code in all pages
  • Possibly put the address and phone information on every page
  • Get more backlinks from local directories (.co.in directories for optimizing in website for India)
  • Get references to your site that has your address or phone number
  • Confirmation of address by authoritative website and referring websites
  • Get backlinks with geo targeted anchor text
  • Try to make your clients put their reviews on these listing.

It is assumed that when more local consumers browse your website and spend time on it, you can achieve higher page rank eventually. The results with the Local OneBox are different than those presented in Google Maps, roughly half of the times. Sometimes the results are exactly same and sometimes it’s totally different.

All the big Search players namely Google, MSN, Yahoo, ASK, AOL, etc. provide local results, so now any businesses can’t afford NOT to invest into local search optimization strategies. So what are you waiting for? Optimize your website for local search algorithm.


Successful business has to got a solid ground. Take into consideration that you will help to make your website more optimized if hire link building service.

Rich Like Us
Rich Like Us

You are right in what you have said. I was only thinking this the other day but I think I will now dig a little deeper. Not sure what the last guy meant though!

Richard Mathew
Richard Mathew

Very Good Points pointed out. Today the site should be so specific about there product in his web site. If a visitor comes to the web site he should be getting all the information which he needs. This will help them to increase there sales.


very nice blog thanks

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