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25th Sep 2008
How to Write Targeted Ad Text in Adword?

Everybody wants high traffic on their website. Am I right? (I hope answer will be YES). But how to get so much traffic to website is biggest question but its answer lies very simple. By applying effective SEO strategies to the website and achieving high ranking on organic result but it takes time, undoubtedly. But what if you want instant traffic / business?

Google Adwords would be right place to get it but again there are certain things that should be taken care of, while running Google Adwords PPC Campaign. The most important thing among them is choosing right keyword and writing effective Ad Taglines. Your targeted ad text should always be eye-catching as well as informative to the visitors to get success in PPC Campaign.

Recently, I have researched and have come up with few tricks or guidelines that can help you in attractive writing ad text. I want to share some of tips for writing ad text with you, which are as under.

The things you should highlight in your camping are:


  1. The headline is the first thing a user will see when an ad attractive, clear, Concise, well-written and goal-satisfied.
  2. Headline should be 25 characters or less (with spaces).
  3. Description should be 35 characters or less (with spaces).
  4. Avoid symbol of ad text like-”…get good services…”
  5. Include in price and promotion with Ad Text. Like, if a user sees the price of a product and still clicks the ad, you know they’re interested in a potential purchase at that price.
  6. Contain Action-oriented Sentences. Like Buy Order, Purchase, visit us and Call-to-XXX.
  7. Include the keywords which have highest number of Clicks or impressions, For example, if your keyword is “SEO Consultant” clearly making the most clicks and impressions in your account, this is effective way to use this term in that title of your ad and growing CTR because visitors can easily find that ad is related to their query.
  8. Include the Targeted Ad Text with LOCATION. Like, “SEO Consultant India”
  9. Highlight some feature or point in the description line. For example – Quality, Safety, Specialty (free quote, discount, book online, 2-3 steps booking).
  10. Last but not the least, make sure landing page URL is effective to your camping and different than display URL as possible as.
  11. Write more than one ad per ad group, and test the results.
  12. Target URL should direct to the destination page for your product or service.
  13. One time use an exclamation point in description line of ad text.


  1. Don’t have a tagline just for the sake of having an Ad Text.
  2. Don’t talk to yourself in a tagline. One purpose of an Ad Text is to focus specific core values to visitors.
  3. Don’t compromise with grammar at any cost.
  4. Don’t Use superlative words like Best, Number 1, etc.
  5. Don’t craft worthless Ad Text.
  6. Don’t highlight same feature or point in both the description line.
  7. Don’t use phrases such as “click-Here”
  8. Don’t use exclamation mark in title of Ad text
  9. Don’t use short substitution word and symbol, like: “4 U” means “for You”
  10. Don’t use Capitalization a word or phases in Title and description.
  11. Don’t use Superlative word in ad text. EX #1, best…

I hope you will keep in mind their underlying purpose of Targeted Ad Text.
We hope this information results in good help for you while writing your targeted ad text.


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