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20th Jun 2008
How to optimize flash sites

To understand search engine ranking algorithm is quite complicated task. As each search engine has its own algorithm to evaluate value of webpage and no one knows exact factors and validation of that algorithm. The awareness of SEO has increased these days and so lots of website owners want to apply SEO techniques on their websites.

While making WebPages why any webmaster thinks twice before integrating Flash page? The reason number of SEOs has states for not making flash pages is that Flash is not Search Engine Friendly, but why is it so? Why are they saying so? What’s the reason behind, Flash not being an SE Friendly? The answer to this question is very simple and straight forward but some people have made it very complicated. So let’s have some information about why flash is used heavily by website owners and how should we apply SEO techniques to it.

Flash pages can attract visitor easily, as visitors would not have to read anything and they are given everything what they want with flash movie. Another reason, why people love to see flash design is that flash pages are very interactive by nature. Flash design attracts visitors, so direct traffic would increase and ultimately ends up with online sales, so shouldn’t we use flash? Today most of SEO practitioners are aware of best techniques for ranking your page higher in Search Engines, but what exactly client want is ‘SALES’ and Flash help you to get sales. Flash force visitor to surf our site and to bring them the sales. So should website owner integrate flash pages or not?

Search engines always prefer to crawl text rather then images, flash, and other scripts. So when your client needs flash in page and as well want to apply SEO techniques then use enough text content and keywords in combination with Flash. So your visitors will be satisfied as well your visibility will increase in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions). You can easily and effectively use flash in your html pages. If your HTML page contains some flash areas then it will look interesting and search engine friendly also as text links and good content is there.

Link Building is also as important as any SEO technique, so concentrate on this area also. While building links you should always take care of anchor text and quality of links. The links should be from relevant and some what authentic websites to get benefit. All quality back links to your flash site will help the search engine to find out your website, and all good links bring traffic to your site when you’re not indexed.

Moreover flash pages would be very useful while using Google Adword, Yahoo Search Marketing or another Pay Per Click (PPC) option. As your Ad won’t rank according to that complicated algorithm, the only matters here is Cost-Per-Click Bid, Relevance and Click-Through-Ratio. So once a visitor comes on your website through PPC Campaign you can easily convert it into sales.

As each coin has two sides so do flash has. The only thing matter here is how you use it. Use flash while taking some tips in minds, which are as under:

Tips for using Flash in website:-

  • Use accessibility features in Macromedia’s Studio MX to enhance the Flash. This will help accessibility readers purvey the content to visitors that rely upon the options in their browsers.
  • Your Flash links should point to HTML pages, not another Flash page because now a days search engine has improved their ability to read the link in flash but still not successful in reading content. So it may not index content if the link from Flash page just points to another Flash page.
  • Advise to the Flash designer that to use motion & static text as much as possible. This will help also reduces the rate of duplicate content.
  • Give control to the user to skip or turn off sounds and animations or jump to the site before completing movie.
  • Don’t effort to cover content or text with Flash.
  • Use perfect combination of flash and content on page.
  • Use text link to other pages.

This is a very good information for Web designer also. Good for Complete Flash site.

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