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2nd Aug 2008

Have you ever guessed, how much important is website usability today? How can your visitor spend more time on your website? Does your site have good conversion rate? I intend to throw some light on how to improve Website usability. You can Improve Website usability to boost your conversion rates from 30% to more than 200%.

Usability is also known as full-flash facility given to user with a useful, efficient and satisfying experience. But is usability and design same? NO. If you have hired a good designer and make your site look attractive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to use.

“Looking good as entirely different matter from working excellent!”

If information is not properly formatted and well-structured, it may happen that visitor will click on the first link that seems to be most related to him, though it may not be the right one so he might leave. In spite of repeatedly searching for the right page, he may eventually get confused and frustrated and may never come back.

Improving website usability tips:

  • Design Structure Explicable and Easy Navigation System

Does your homepage show everything you have to offer and clear design with what the site is all about. The navigation system should be global and at the same place on every page. Use appropriate anchor text for hyperlinks so that visitors can get idea about a link’s destination by reading the text on the link or navigation button.

  • Logo Links to Home Page and Add a Text-based Sitemap

Left-hand top corner is the best place to include logo it is quite useful since it always points to home page, it helps visitor to return to home page from any inner page. Any site that has vast range of pages or complex sites should always have a text-based site map in addition to text links. Text based sitemap is very helpful to SE spiders it provides reliable access to all your pages.

  • Include a Site Search Box:

Visitor rapidly locates the information they want using search box.

  • Clear and Useful Content

Content is more eye-catching than design. Content is best way to attract visitors and they will stay if your website has quality content. Just write to the point of related product or brand etc… If you write quality content, SE is good friend of content.

  • User Hierarchical Headings to Give Clear Structure to The Copy.
  • Add ALT, Page Caption and TITLE Attributes to all Images.
  • Custom Error Page

Create a useful custom error page that helps visitors if by chance, land on it by clicking on a broken internal link or typing a URL incorrectly. The custom error page should reflect the site’s overall color, type, and layout structure and provide useful links to help visitors find what they’re looking for.

  • Visitor Comment:

If you want success with ecommerce site, provide feedback form for user.

  • Call-to-action:

We will create Call to Actions throughout your site, preferably in the navigation bars. These can be Call Us, Contact Us, Get a Quote, Add to Cart, Sign Up, Request Information or whatever.

  • Breadcrumb Navigation:

Breadcrumb navigation purpose is to give users a way to keep track of their location within programs or documents.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned factors and make your site more easy-to-use for visitors.


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