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11th Aug 2009
How To Get Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)?

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful and free web reporting and analytics tool provided by Google. This can assist you to make analyzed and calculated decisions about your business and its marketing strategies, it provides you with statistical details about every visit to your website. Google defines it as the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

You can get a lot of useful information by just adding a short snippet of code to your website, you can gain access to a wealth of information that will assist you to understand how visitors interact with your website, how it is performing and how well your marketing and advertising are generating results and gradually leading you to a perfect marketing platform.

What is the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)?

Google Analytics Individual Qualification
The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a proof of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ test. With a passing grade of 75% or more you can get recognized as a person that is qualified as a Google Analytics Individual Expert (GAIQ) and receive the prestigious badge.

How much does it cost?

The online course is free to everyone. The fee for taking the Google Analytics IQ test is $50 USD (These are not a lot of bucks if you are really into it).

Google Analytics IQ Lessons

Anyone can access the Google Analytics Training and each topic has a step-by-step walk-through of every feature you will find in Google Analytics. Below is a list of the topics covered:

First Steps

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Interface Navigation
  • Installing the Google Analytics Tracking Code

Interpreting Reports

  • Guidelines
  • Pageviews, Visits, and Visitors
  • Time Metrics
  • Traffic sources
  • Content Reports


  • Profiles in Google Analytics
  • Campaign Tracking and AdWords Integration
  • Analysis Focus – AdWords
  • Goals in Google Analytics
  • Analysis Focus – Funnel Visualization
  • Filters in Google Analytics
  • Regex and Google Analytics
  • Cookies and Google Analytics
  • ecommerce Tracking
  • Analysis Focus – Revenue Metrics
  • Domains and Subdomains

In-Depth Analysis

  • Custom Reporting
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Motion Charts
  • Internal Site Search
  • Event Tracking and Virtual Pageviews
  • The Custom Visitor Segment Variable
  • Additional Customizations


Full FAQ about the process can be found here. It is not necessary to be officially qualified to use Google Analytics on your site, but we do recommend you study the course to get the full benefits.

Amit Mani Mishra
Amit Mani Mishra

Proudly I can say that I am first one in East India who has been certified by Google Analytics Qualified Individual. I have become a Certified Google Analytics Qualified Individual. I know that very few professional across the India are certified. I don't have any list of those people even I am not aware about any single person who is certified. Here you can see my certificate - Google Analytics Certified - Amit Mani Mishra, Delhi India

Email Marketing Software
Email Marketing Software

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GAIQ Directory
GAIQ Directory

Once you pass, you can then submit your name and site to the GAIQ Dircetory as well.


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