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4th Jul 2008
How To Choose Right SEO Company

The importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is increasing day by day, as peoples are getting aware about the importance of SEO in getting online success for their business.
Businesses associated with online marketing have understood the importance and the benefits in having a highly ranked website.

Stand Different in Crowd

However, what is not clear with website owner’s are, how to choose Right SEO Company for your business. As SEO field is still a new area for most of businesses, it is hard to find out best practicing SEO Firm. No doubt, there are many dangers that may exist, if you choose wrong SEO practicing company for your website optimization.

Today, the white hat SEO & black hat SEO debate is spreading like a fire in the marketing and so many businessman’s have started taking lots of precautions, while hire an SEO consultant for their company. To share my experience and contribute to website owners for choosing right SEO consultant, here are few quick tips they need to consider, while hiring an SEO Consultant / Company for your website.

Study the SEO Consultant / Company’s Own Website Deeply:

Before choosing an SEO Consultant / Company, the first and foremost thing you should do is to review & analyze the SEO Consultant / Company’s website. If they cannot make their website successful, how would they do for you? Analyze their website thoroughly with whatever knowledge you have about designing, content, SEO tactics, etc.

Request the portfolio:

To do thing while hiring an SEO company is; check for the portfolio page in their website, if a company is genuine they will be having good and updated portfolio in their websites with a link to their client’s website. Though, some SEO Consultant / Company are associated in outsourcing business and so they cannot showcase their portfolio in website. In that case, ask them for portfolio in person or email.

Review References:

You should personally contact the website owners for the SEO satisfaction derived from the company you are going to hire. Also do not forget to ask them, how long it has been for the company being associated with that SEO Consultant / Company and their satisfaction level.

Ask for SEO Proposal:

Ask SEO Consultant / Company to submit their SEO proposal to review and get approval for management authority. Review their proposal deeply and study the procedure and strategies they are going to follow for your website to get higher Search Engine Ranking.

Analyze their Search Engine Ranking:

You can without any doubt ask for the “Keywords” or “Key phrases” the SEO Consultant / Company’s website is ranking for. If they cannot provide it, they must not be ranking for good keywords in major search engines and if they cannot make their website rank higher, then how would they make yours?

Talk With More Than One Representative

Talk to more then one representative of company and check for the similarities between the views and strategies. If the views of two representatives of that company conflicts, understand something wrong is happening with them. So dig for more information of that company.

Ask for Guarantee in Higher SE Ranking, do they provide?

I personally recommend every website owners to ask for guarantee to the SEO consultant / company in ranking your website in major search engines. If they guarantee you for ranking your website for relevant and popular keywords in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., look no further and search another SEO company.

How can anyone give you guarantee? When no one can control or influence the search engines algorithm? The major SE player, Google’s has stated in webmaster’s guidelines that No one can guarantee #1 ranking on Google. So beware of SEO Consultant / Company’s that claim to guarantee rankings.

Reporting Structure

Finalize the reporting structure and period before your finalize the SEO contract with SEO Consultant / Company. Ask for monthly reporting to remain updated with your project.

Be Different, Enjoy Monopoly

These are few quick tips; I can give you on how to choose SEO Company for your website. So while choose an SEO company keep above things in mind and pick a ethical company that sticks to the TOS of SE and does not violate them. For getting answers to your entire questions, contact us. We are always here to help you.

I hope for your online success.


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