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24th Feb 2010
How much Online Marketing important compared to Offline Marketing

Before I start give my point of view that I am not in favor of online marketing only and not doing offline marketing. Both online and offline marketing strategy are important and rely on each other.

Offline marketing has been highly successful and profitable from long generations.  Offline marketing generates sales via different channels like newspaper, radio, web and television advertisements. It can be used to market and directs new customers towards your brand. Offline marketing drives more sales and helps you to maintain and enhance relationship with existing clients and customers.

It’s very difficult to get exact results from various offline marketing channels for a campaign and also difficult to calculate the cost in terms of which medium of advertisement campaign performed good and which performed bad. That’s why the big terms like brand improvement and customer attention comes in discussion for marketing managers.

On another hand, the good thing of online marketing is that it gives you instant results of your marketing efforts you have put in and which helps you to change the strategies, cost and venue in much effective and quick manner compare to offline marketing.

Recent research on marketing shows the budgets of online marketing will grow by more than 500% in coming five years. The research also suggests companies will spend more than $6 billion on online and search engine marketing in 2014.

Below are some benefits of online marketing:

  • Instant results helps in decision making: You can get real time results which helps you to benchmark the campaigns and helps you decide which online marketing campaign is good for you compare to offline marketing results for which you have to wait for some months. You get the results through online analytics like Google Analytics, Omniture, CoreMetrics, etc.
  • Instantly able to change in marketing campaign: It’s very difficult to make changes in offline marketing campaigns as it needs time period to get results and do analysis to make campaign successful. On other hand, instant web analytics information helps to make changes in online marketing campaigns if not successful. Also, this information helps to stop unsuccessful campaigns and put more efforts in successful one.
  • Target Audience: Offline marketing mediums are used for larger audiences and have not specific category of audience.  It has been also found that most of the audiences don’t show big interest in such kind of offline marketing. While online marketing effectively delivered to specific audience and it has been seen successful so far.
  • Fastens decision making: Online marketing fastens the decision making process as you can see the information instantly. The process is much simpler starts with few clicks and ends up on final click of send from shopping cart. While offline marketing requires time and patience to get results. It has been very difficult to analyze and decide which off-line marketing channel worked for actual purchase.
  • Various Mediums: Online marketing gives so many opportunities to reach existing and prospective clients and customers. You can evaluate by yourself which medium will make your marketing successful and plan to put more efforts for it:
    • Email: Email marketing is fast and cheaper way of marketing which gives you the chance to communicate with targeted audiences in effective manner unlike old fashioned direct mail marketing.
    • Social Media: Social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. are so much popular and are used to connect to each other and pass useful information. Large numbers of people are using social media and are busy in information sharing. It gives you the chance to market your brand, generate direct sales and provide customer service. It also be useful to stay above the competition and find new prospective client s or customers.
    • Search Engine Marketing: SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has been become so much advanced in terms of how companies market their brand and put it on Search Engines for well target audience.  People use search engines not to purchase only but to purchase specific product. PPC and SEO campaigns are used for SEM.
      • Pay Per Click (PPC): This can be helpful to bring immediate traffic to your site which may be consider costly way. To bring people to your site you need proper researched keywords for which people normally looking for on search engines. Also, you have to fix the budget for this kind of online marketing and put good efforts to make this campaign successful and cost effective.
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO process depends on various factors to bring natural and organic traffic to your website using search engine rankings. Search Engines ranks the websites on different positions and that depends on elements like keyword or key phrase, site structure, content, etc. Unlike PPC, it’s not absolutely free but much more cheaper way to bring traffic. It requires high quality of expertise and special timing to bring website ranking on top position for which the persons are looking for on search engines.
    • Blog: If you are able to write special blog which stand out of the crowd. A nicely written blog is best way to bring traffic. It can get noticed on search engines and also major blog websites. Regular and effective blog posts can help to get good position.
    • Video: Marketing by video is so much popular that you can market your business and services with millions of people using YouTube and other online video websites. Videos are posted and shared to bring traffic and represent your brand with much creative and informative manner.
    • Newsletters: This are sent periodically and keep current clients, customers and visitors well informed about latest developments of the company like new product information or success stories. This way is subscription based so the information is only shared with only subscribers.
    • Banner Advertising: Eye catching banner advertisement can bring the traffic to your website. It has been noted banner advertising is losing its touch but its not absolutely gone out of the market. So creative and informative banners have the ability to bring the traffic.

Finally, Most of the companies are using both online and offline marketing but varies on percentage of cost they have to invest from marketing budget.


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