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11th Oct 2012
Google’s EMD Algo Update

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s WebSpam team tweeted on 28th September, 2012 that Google would be coming up with a new algorithm update which would allow Google to reduce the rankings of low-quality “exact-match” domains in the search results. And based on its functionality it is named “Exact Match Domain” or EMD update.

According to Matt Cutts this update was to impact only 0.6% of the total English-US queries. But based on the search queries of Google which users input everyday this 0.6% is a very huge impact for the SEO universe because many websites were affected by this update after it was launched. Also as per Matt Cutts this update was to affect only the ‘low-quality’ links. It will be a thing to watch out for as to which all sites will be affected as the time pass.

Who was affected?

If you have your website’s primary keyword in your domain name then either this update has already affected your site or it will affect soon. Till now all such websites which had their primary keyword in the domain name were affected badly. There isn’t any clear pattern visible till now in the size of drop because few of the sites fell out of top 100 and a few moved back by 2 SERPs.

There were some sites which focused more on the keywords and not on the brand, then there were some sites which had low keyword relevant to their content. All such sites were affected too. According to SEO Consultant in India the site’s content played a vital role as to how the site was affected.

What does “Exact-Match” stand for?

In this update the exact-match stands for the Domain name directly relating to the keyword of the site. So it’s better to focus on brand name while selecting a domain name. Now again if your brand name is your keyword then you have a big problem.

Overall Impact

The sites which are affected by this update have reported a drop in the earnings. However the interesting trend that has come up because of this is that sites at the bottom which were affected reported loss in earnings while top ranking sites in the same portfolio improved their earnings.

Quality Content

The only thing which is responsible for the effect of EMD is not the domain name. The quality of content in the sites is also responsible. According to the data collected by a few of the websites for the sites which were affected by the update show that the sites which were top in rankings and which had an improvement in earnings were of very high quality content in spite of having domain names which had exact match or partial match with the keywords.

So to avoid effect of EMD update improve the quality of your website’s content. Increase the credibility of the information used on the site.

For all the SEO executives the internet marketing competition is completely fair now after this EMD update by Google along with Google Panda and Penguin update. And this is what all SEO would want for a fair competition.


If you have an exact matched domain but have high quality content and are ranked higher in Google results than you have nothing to fear from this update. And being a low quality site if your site is already affected by EMD then hiring a SEO is the best option you have. Hire SEO in India if you are looking for a perfect SEO solution in limited budget.


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