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29th Jul 2013
Google Search VS Facebook Graph Search

What is Google Search?

Google search also known as Google Web Search can be defined as “a web search engine owned by Google Inc. Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, which is receiving several hundred million queries each day through its various services.”

The results of the Google search is mainly based on the Page Rank i.e. A priority ranking. There is also another option to search by using Boolean Operators which is actually a customized search option, which are like alternatives (“aa OR bb”), exclusion (“-aa”) and many more.

What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search can be stated as “a semantic search engine that was introduced by Facebook in March 2013. It is designed to give answers to user natural language queries rather than a list of links.”

Well, it was declared by the Facebook CEO – Mark Zuckerberg that Graph Search algorithm performs searching from within a friends network of users and the Microsoft’s Bing search engine will provide the additional results.

It is quite true that, Google seems broken due to upstart; which is brought by Facebook’s recent innovation, Graph Search. Which is truly user friendly as it is based on natural language compared to keyword based search on Google; and will bestow you the results with the appropriate match of what you have searched for.

Let’s see how Facebook’s Graph Search Compete With Google?

  • Liking Vs Googling : Graph search of Facebook is designed for searching friends, places and interests that their friends have liked which is sorted by Facebook user connection. And Google will display the links from the whole web.
  • Lacking in foresight, but good in theory : Graph Search really sounds great, as internet users are continuously sharing and liking the content. Here there are two problems :
    1. Data lacking problem – Although each user of Facebook is an important asset of information but it pales when it compared with Google search as it swept up a huge amount of data in single search. But Graph Search yields decent results for the general Facebook user.
    2. Conflict between advertiser base and Graph Search, which means there are many companies which are often advertising on Facebook and insist users to like so there are people who just ‘like’ the page for the sake of liking instead liking the page genuinely. So this can mislead as likes are of two types ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’.
  • Mobile platforms and voice search : Facebook is actually considered as a social app. And as far as voice search is concerned, it can be completely vanished from the loop as there is no such integration of voice search in it. But Google and Apple both believe that voice search will eventually become the future of mobile platforms.

How Facebook’s Graph Search Will Displace Google Search?

  • Facebook’s Graph Search does have the potential to produce personalized search results for consumers based on what they like and who are their friends.
  • With the help of Facebook Graph Search you can get complete revolutionize search which enables the users to get personalized experience in searching.
  • All these search are based on what the users like, who their friends are, other than focusing on what they want; and these new offerings of Facebook extends the value of the Social Graphs to search and the Likes which can revolutionize value, relevance and accuracy.
  • As people are using mobile devices for performing more and more local searches and thus here is an area where Google is struggling hard.

Well, as far as Google is concerned, I really doubt that it will ever replace it. Well, it can beat ‘Yelp’, in my opinion but can’t threaten Google. But yes, Facebook Graph is definitely an amazing tool for advertising and you can also get good advantages of various SEO Packages as well.

Facebook search gives you the precise search result pages rather than the links. And users may also look for their friends in particular cities by making their search more relevant and local which can be of real use.

Also Facebook and Microsoft’s Bing collaborated on a new search tool, which enables Facebook to sell search ads and provides appropriate results to users by using its own data. As more and more users use graph search, Facebook will become the #1 rival to Google.

Here is the embeded version of PPT We’ve created on an overview of facebook graph search

An Overview of Facebook Graph Search by ZealousWeb Technologies

After all, Facebook will overthrow Google in search. Such a shift will lead to immense changes in search volume, monetary value and the revenue of the social graph for users and all size brands.The big new change becomes the future of Google itself.


Great post its really very appreciable thanks for sharing such a great and informative article with us.  Keep posting such kind of informative article. 

Thanks !!!


I think Facebook is great for lots of things but it still doesn't have the context for an intent-driven advantage where Google will always have an edge so long as Facebook is only searching within its own database. It is just a matter of volume. I do agree that Facebook has lots of data to better represent search and that will reflect in certain areas you mentioned.


First of all i would like to appreciate your work and also like the way you describe all the things overhear. I just heard about this but now i can get some good knowledge from this post. Thank you very much for your great work, because now a days its hard to get post like this.


Really a great insight. I appreciate it. Now users prefer more semantic search results rather than a bunch of links. Day will come when people will go for Facebook graph search instead of Googling. Please keep sharing like this. :)

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