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8th Jun 2009
Google Friendly SEO Audit

How well does my site perform on search engines? Which keywords are of interest to me? How do my competitors perform on-line? These questions are very important for nearly every organization. Search engines play an increasingly important role when it comes to reaching the (future) customers. For you as an advertiser, there are good opportunities to use the advanced search to improve the position online and offline. Proper optimization of your website will result in an increase in visitors more profit.

First Focus is a custom SEO analysis – SEO audit, which is intuition surrounding the translation into concrete action. How to create a strong image of your current position on search engines, stay ahead of your direct competitors and thereby generate more and more revenues. The video below shows how a web page can be optimized to give better results.

Your website should be search engine friendly in order to get top rankings and more traffic from the targeted audience. See points given below to have a clear idea of where a website stands with regard to many of the important factors in search marketing. I present here the necessary steps that need to be taken to proceed successively with search engine placement and online business:

  • Legibility of HTML code for SE robots

Search engine robots can read the text and follow links.
If robots don‘t see any text, any links, they can‘t crawl your website. They can‘t index your pages into their database.
Avoid using of:
Flash without HTML alternative
JavaScript directly in HTML code

  • Check Google Index and Supplemental Results

  • Text Link Sitemap

A text link sitemap is a page that has html links to each one of your pages. This ensures that the search engines can easily find each one of your pages.

  • Frames

Using frames is one method for a programmer to put content on a website. The down side to this is search engines aren’t able to properly read and index content that uses frames.

  • Server Status

If your server is reporting an error or takes too long to load, the search engines will see it as a red flag and possibly de-index your website. You can use this tool: http://www.seoconsultants.com/tools/headers.asp

  • Unique Meta tags needed in all Pages

  • Use clear navigation

Prepare a stronger internal linking system through a discrete navigation map applied to the bottom of each page in the site. This mapping system would not reorder links presently coded into the site; however, it would provide the clear paths necessary to ensure a spider could access all-important sections of the site.

The navigation structure of your website should be so as to hold and win the visitor’s attention for the first 5 seconds, so that he doesn’t move onto other website.

  • Using External Files for JavaScript or CSS
  • Removing Subdirectories
  • HTTPS Issue

    HTTPS is a way to securely pass information from a user to a website. It encrypts the information to ensure nobody else can view it. However, if you have a HTTPS part of your site and it’s not configured properly, the search engines see the normal HTTP page and the HTTPS page as duplicate content.

  • Flash/Splash Page Removal
    Flash is an interactive media software the gives you the ability to add animation to your website. However, the search engines can not read the content that is inside these files and cannot accurately rank it. Same is included with images.
  • Avoid Canonical problem

Some user might type in your website without the www. More importantly, someone might link to your website without including the www. So it is best practice to create a 301 (permanent redirect) from http://abc.com to http://www.abc.com. By doing this, you optimize your external links and avoid possible duplicate content problems. Read more...

  • Presence of Robots.txt File
  • Custom 404 Error Page

A 404 page is what users are shown when they try to access a page that does not exist on your website. It is important that when they see this page it does not take them to a cryptic or confusing page, but one that conforms to your website’s look and feel and gives them a link back to the homepage.

  • Image ALT Tags
  • Friendly URL

If the website URL is in accepted format by search engines, it is so called search engine friendly URL.

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Tech Blog

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internet marketing services

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