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17th Sep 2008
Google Browser Revolution – Chrome!

Hello friends, all techno savvy people must have got news about chrome. Now a days We can find chrome on all screens. Yes, Google has announced about launching of its own browser named CHROME on 1st September 2008. They have finally launched Chrome a browser On 3rd September. Chrome is a name of metal which has shining yellow color.

One benefit of Chrome – it is a product of GOOGLE. Beta version of Chrome has covered 1% of search market till today. With lots of credit in market, Google does not have to face much tough condition to make their product famous and popular.

Though Google has just launched Chrome’s BETA version, most people have downloaded it and started to use it. Chrome is more faster than IE, so all of us would like to use Chrome. Just imagine that if BETA version of Chrome is so famous then what will be the review and usage of it’s first original version!! Untill that time, Google may launch some very useful plug-ins which can be really helpful to us.

I know people who are used to with Firefox, will not prefer to leave it and would like to stick with it. But, after some time when Google will provide good facilities with Chrome, all of we will turn to it. I am using Firefox, so it will be tough for me to use Chrome, but I am excited to use Chrome, and have started to use it.

In Firefox we find new tabs below the address bar while in Chrome we find new tabs instead of title bar. It has given one separate option for developer, and it is very useful to developer to find their needs on web. Chrome is BETA version therefore it has some malfunctions.

Have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of Chrome:

Advantages of Chrome:

  • Basically Google Chrome is launched for web applications
  • It has its own JavaScript for virtual machine.
  • Features of default page of Chrome are it shows four most used search engines and the user’s nine most visited Web applications.
  • Chrome provides “Incognito” mode that does not save browser history when the browser is closed.
  • Thumbnails of your most visited sites – access your favorite pages instantly from any new tab.
  • Shortcuts for your applications – get desktop shortcuts to launch your favorite web applications.
  • Downloaded file is displayed at bottom of the browser tab or window.
  • Google Chrome provides the facility to copy downloaded file using drag and drop technique.

Disadvantages of Chrome:

  • Available only for Windows for now, Google plans to release versions for Mac and Linux as well.
  • We cant see title tag of sites. As new tab is opened instead of title bar.
  • We can not find enough plugins for Chrome.
  • Its history search box will fetch all types of data – even text from HTTPS-protected financial sites.
  • There is no status bar in the browser.
  • Beta version of Chrome is missing feature to deal with RSS feeds, which is very popular nowadays.

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