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3rd May 2012
Features of Google play which help obtain better connected entertainment

This new release from Google has become the talk of the town since the time it has been released. Google play has been formed by removing the Android app store, besides the Google eBookstore and the Google music. Therefore it is an integration of these mentioned aspects and it definitely is a smart move from Google as those who might be slightly unaware of the other services it offers are enlightened by them. This appears to have all the information you need in one go, where it claims to offer something or the other for everyone.

Let us look at some of the exclusive features which Google Play exhibits to make it one of the most talked about release of the recent times.

  • It makes use of the cloud, where you can carry out or do what you want anywhere at any given time. For this, there are no wires, synching or software of any kind required, along with being free of cost.
  • The ability to be able to enjoy and share music, movies, apps, etc at anytime and anywhere, where Google play appears to have made sharing new discoveries easier with your friends.
  • There is unlimited music to play with at Google play, where you get millions of tracks, rising artists, personalized recommendations, various genres, besides others. Your music can be listened to or shared from anywhere at any time and keeping them organized as all as your music is stored in one place online, along with the ability to give your friends a free listen.
  • This makes it easier to search for your favorite books and authors, where there are more than 4 million books you can purchase and read from. You can read anywhere and share your favorite excerpts from them with your friends, all at your fingertips. All your books are stored on the cloud, so the library is always with you, whether online or offline. Also, you can choose whether you want to read in day/night mode, preferred font size, etc.
  • Android apps as known to all are a rage these days and Google play makes it more accessible and easier to get them. One can search for apps, get latest updates on your favorite apps or choose a device to send your app to via Google play over the web.
  • This also allows one to have a great movie experience, where you can select and find from a huge collection (HD tiles, award winning, new releases, etc) of movies of various genres. It also permits one to watch the movies later or at that time anywhere you wish to.

This definitely appears to help in getting connected better, as it allows the users to first check out and review what they would like before coming to a decision. Above discussed aspects and features definitely make it extremely desirable, where each discussed aspect have sub-features of their own. An Indian IT company has expert SEO consultants who have the required knowledge regarding all the new updates to successfully aid you with any of your requirements.


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