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22nd May 2012
Factors associated with the Google Penguin update

Introduction to the Google’s penguin update

The latest hot topic which has been doing rounds for a while now (from the 24th of April to be precise) is the Google’s new Penguin update (webspam update), which appears to have been released within the impact of the Panda update. Google claims that about 3.1 % of search queries have been affected with this update.

Some of the steps which can be followed in order to recover your blog if it has been affected by the Google Penguin update are discussed in the following.

  • Avoid black hat SEO link building techniques: Having an unrelated links it the content or context on the main page which have an effect on readers, your blog will be penalized for sure.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing: Make sure to include proper keyword density. As per SEO’s perspective, keyword density plays crucial role. It determines whether a webpage is related to a specified keyword or not. Proper density of keywords should be below 4%. Therefore it is essential to avoid keyword stuffing, as it might have a negative effect.
  • Avoid any type of cloaking: Is a practice of showing different URLs or content to the search engines and users.
  • Concentrate on OBL: Avoid too many out bound links to keep your webpage safe from Penguin’s.
  • Avoid Hidden links or text: Hidden links are those links which are not viewable to users but intended to be crawled by search bots. Such methods are unreliable and Google will remove your website from the index.
  • Creation of multiple domains, sub domains and pages with same content: Creating multiple domains, pages, sub domains with the same content will be penalized by Google.
  • Don’t be a part of affiliate spam: It would be beneficial to not carry out any sort of spamming, link exchanging traffic, etc.
  • Don’t create pages with doubtful behavior: Avoid creating any sort of pages or scripts which may appear to be suspicious in the search engine’s vision.

There are many other aspects, besides the mentioned ones which are required to be considered.

The importance of hiring an SEO Consultant

This time Google has even provided a feedback form to know the opinions regarding the recent update, though which it will be looking to improve it. By hiring an experienced SEO consultant from India can prove to be extremely beneficial as he/she has the required expertise regarding how to carry out SEO procedures in an ethical manner by following the rules and regulations laid out by Google in an effective manner.

Social Media Guru
Social Media Guru

The points you have shared with the readers about the Google Penguin - truly amazing and absolutely correct. Keep concentrate on Quality then the Quantity - I believe this will make you recover from the Slap of the Penguin. best of luck - love to see more from you. :)

Email Marketing India
Email Marketing India

It so hard to find such good articles . This was really informative and satisfying. Thank you, please do keep writing such great articles.

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