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10th Sep 2013
Create High Quality Metal 3D Text in PhotoShop

Photoshop Text Effects

There are numerous ways to generate awesome letters with the help of ‘Photoshop Text Effects’. This will give you a visually appealing text which will look so original as well as creative and will definitely draw attention by leaving a deep impression on anyone. Thus, it will help you in creating exquisite art pieces by providing you with a great number of varieties and tools.

How to create High Quality Metal 3D Text

You will be able to create amazing high quality metal 3D text with the help of the following tutorial with the use of pure Photoshop. You can also perform experiments with the lights and colors for this 3D typography and thus try to discover your own use.

Step 1:

You have to start with a new document of 300px/inch resolution and 750 pixel by 750 pixel.


Step 2 :

Now, construct a new layer and name it ‘3D Text’. Then by grabbing the Type Tool, type your desirable text in big letters.
Yes, your text has to be very big, never mind if it goes out of canvas. As this layer will be rasterized and in the next step it will be distorted.


Step 3:

Now, select Rasterize type by doing right-click on the layer ‘3D Text’, followed by Edit –> Transform –> Distort and then drag the corners which will create nice perspective to your text. Remember, your text must be smaller so that it won’t get blur.



As that text has a nice perspective, create a duplicate (Control +J) of this layer by naming it ‘3D Text_end’. Now move tool (V) and then use keyboard arrows to position this layer above the ‘3D Text’ layer.


Step 5:

Order is important here. So position both the layers after creating the duplicates of both of them. Then turn off both the layers and then select the ‘3D Text copy’ layer and generate about 60 copies. Now, select ‘3D Text_end’, then by going at the bottom of layers Palette, hold shift with the left-click on the first layer which will select all the 60 layers, thereafter select Link Layers by doing right-click on those layers. Now, Switch to the Move Tool (V) by selecting ‘3D Text_end copy’ layer, then got to the upper toolbar of the move tool and click on Distribute Horizontal Centers and Distribute Vertical Centers. See that the letters were distributed perfectly that must create a nice 3D shape. Next, select all linked layers and merge them all (Control +E) and name this layer as ‘3D Text_merge’.


Step 6:

Turn on ‘3D Text_end’, then right click on that layer and open blending option by going to the Layers Palette. Then, apply a Gradient Overlay like for example : from #1a3236 to #cffffb and try to make this gradient look darker on the top of letters, and lighter on the bottom of them by setting the Angle.


Step 7:

Select ‘3D Text_merge’ in the Layers Palette and turn it off. Then to load the selection hold ALT and left-click on this layer’s thumbnail . Now, make a new layer and name it as ‘3D Text_color’ and fill it with color like for example : #a6e6fe. Deselect (Control + D).


Step 8:

Now go to Blending Options of the ‘3D Text_color” layer and select Gradient Overlay. Also remember to select the second preset in the Gradient Editor, that is Foreground to Transparent, and then set the color values like for example :- starting from #000000, #4a4747, #ffffff, #262626, #ffffff, and #000000. And the Angle will be different according to the direction of your text.


The top of the letters will look extremely bright, so create just a touch of shadow in places indicated below. Then, hold ALT, left-click on the ‘3D Text_color’ layer to load its selection, then create a new layer above the ‘3D TEXT_colored’ layer, and name it ‘Shadows’. Set your Foreground Color to #1a3236 or darker, then grab the Brush Tool (B), set the Flow around 30%, Hardness to 0% and paint. Once you are done, then Deselect (Control + D).

Now, it’s time to give a quality look. Go to the Layers Palette, hold Alt and left-click on ‘3D Text_end’ layer thumbnail to load its selection. Then create a new layer above all layers, name it ‘Shining lines’. Grab the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), right-click on your image and select ‘Stroke’. Set Width to 1 pixel, Color to white, and Location to Center. Grab a big brush with Hardness 0% and Flow around 30%. Then erase everything except places indicated with arrows. These arrows point to the lights and the pointed edges need some shine. So, leave them untouched.

After erasing, create a duplicate of the ‘Shining lines’ layer, lower its Opacity just a touch and then append (Control + E) those two layers. You may also switch for a moment to a black background to see if you did a good job with erasing or not.

Step 9 :

Do right click on that layer, open blending option and give it to stroke 1 pixel inside. Then, see that image in actual size.




Thus, you will be able to give an amazing effect to your text with the help of this great tool which will help you get the quality 3D text. Also you have the advantage to discover your own use for this 3D typography by performing experiments with the lights and colors, which will help you get very attractive as well as variety of results.


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