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Copywriting was king of SEO in earlier times, but today’s scenario is such that, apart from copywriting, other factors have also gained tremendous important. Therefore, we can not put total focus on only copywriting. As we know that search engine spider can read only text, not images or pictures available on page. Content Writing (Copywriting) is skill which some have by birth while some develop it by reading and practice.

Effective Copywriting

People who surf internet frequently and used to read on net can easily differentiate quality content and useless content. Visitors prefer to read informative, excellent and high quality of content. Today no one prefers to waste time in reading long-long pages having meaningless content. In this globalization nobody would read much stuff due to shortage of time. Instead of reading, we all prefer to surf images and pictures that give us the same conclusion.

Three major search engines in SEO world give high emphasis on well written content while giving rank to any web page. By reading your meta tags search engine spider get idea about theme or category of your web page. Writing content for particular page needs lot of thinking and surfing for making it unique content. You can target particular audience by serving them their type of content, using their type of language and hitting their needs.
Content Writing

There are some tips to write effective content:

  • Write for visitors not for search engines’ spider.
  • Target only 2 or 3 keywords per page.
  • Do not stuff lots of keywords for getting SERP.
  • When you insert key phrase, be careful about meaning of sentence, do not insert key phrase by writing meaning less sentence.
  • Give priority to the language which used to by your targeted audience.
  • Always try to write content in very simple language.
  • Try to stick with your subject of the page, do not include content outside subject, it can bore any visitor.
  • Include some very attractive examples that can force visitor to read whole page.
  • Keep one point in mind that, you writing for visitors to give them best of your products or services.

Effective content will be your key for getting traffic and good SERP. Always write quality stuff for your visitors. You have created website for your customers and visitors, so keep notes of their likes-dislikes with latest trends. Always write unique content because duplicate content affects ranking of your site and it is also possible that one day you may not find your site in SERPs. Content is one of the important and quite effective factors that help you to get high ranking.

Yogesh Mahajan
Yogesh Mahajan

Really nice post for content writing. Its true that we should write for customers and not for search engines. But most of people forced keywords and search engine friendly content. I have query on content writing like if I wanted to put keyword phrase then how i manage it. ie - I think stop words do not affect to keyword phrase instead density. Means Is the phrase "Copy Writing in Advance SEO" and "copywriting advance seo" same?

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