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18th May 2009
Complete Twitter Guide

Lately, I see many articles floating in SEO world about effective use of Twitter.com (a short information sharing website). I’ve read some of articles and it gave me really very beautiful insight on using this application. So I just thought of compiling few good articles and sharing them with our readers.

I am trying to put here a small guide for effective use of twitter, compiling few great articles waving around. I hope it helps you.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a cool socializing networking website I’ve seen so far with over 40 million users. With Twitter, you can share short information with your social network (called as followers in twitter). You can post short information as many times as you want in a day. The only thing you need to take care of is writing your post within 140 characters per post.


Why Twitter?

Twitter is a great application for creating and managing your thematic social network and remains updated in industry. There are still many other ways to use twitter, but the best way I think twitter can be used is to get connected with people and strengthen those connections for your personal and professional benefits.


Apart from networking, you can absolutely use twitter to market your product or service, but don’t make it your core objective. Start the conversion, participate in conversation, take opinion, give your opinions, ask for help / advice, etc. Also, you should share useful resources / information with your network (followers) to be fruitful.

Profile Secrets


•    Choose your username wisely
•    Don’t write long bio in your profile. Keep it clean and catchy.
•    Use keywords (for which you want to be found) in username & bio
•    Design custom background image for your twitter profile
•    Put your close-up, company’s logo or other catchy and meaningful image on your profile display image.
•    In website column, apart from website or blog URL you can put effective landing page’s URL to make first impression very impressive.

How to Tweet Effectively?twitter

•  Write to the point and within 140 characters (140 characters is the limit per post)
•  Tweet about useful advice, personal opinion, thematic news, URL of interesting sites, and promotion of useful blog post you wrote
•    Stick to your theme and core objective
• Monitor your “Reply Ratio” with @username
•    Respond to people’s questions with “@username” in your tweet
•    Don’t post in public when your conversation is individual targeted.
•    Finding top twitterers and following them and their followers
•    Retweet useful post with “RT @username”
•    Search related conversations and join it. www.tweetscan.com can help you in searching
•    Always be active, keep twittering daily.
•    Promote your twitter RSS feed
•    Promote your twitter official badges. Get it @ http://twitter.com/badges

How to increase followers?


•    Invite peoples you already know from http://twitter.com/invitations
•    Integrate twitter official badges in your website, blog, newsletter, outgoing emails, etc.
•    Search thematic people @ http://search.twitter.com
•    Follow the followers of related person
•    Use people search Applications likes http://whoshouldifollow.com, www.twellow.com.

Tie your Twitter with other Applications:


•    Tie up your blog feed with twitter @ www.twitterfeed.com. All your new blog posts will automatically get tweeted
•    Insert sidebar widget on your wordpress blog @ http://www.velvet.id.au/twitter-wordpress-sidebar-widget/. All your tweets will be displayed on sidebar of wordpress blog.
•    http://twitthis.com – a “share this” button sets up a tweet with a link to your blog post automatically for them
•    Sign up at www.Snipurl.com. Use that to shorten any urls you tweet out. Later, log into your account to track how many clicks your link got

I hope this will help you to tweet effectively and efficiently. I’ve tried my best to introduce some of the ways in which Twitter can help with online marketing and business networking. Twitter us any questions that you have. Here is my last and important tip:

“Let your experts use twitter, who can supply advice and suggestions instantly”

Now, please follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/zealousweb. Make sure you click the FOLLOW button under our name!

Happy Twittering!


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