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24th Jul 2013
Comparison between PHP Frameworks

In the world of web mechanisms, PHP frameworks are by far the most popularly used technology today. A PHP Framework is basically a skeleton of your website that determines the look and feel.

For those who aren’t fully aware of the technicalities involved in this direction, it may seem to be a big deal in the beginning, but trust me, once you have your PHP framework in place, it will make the life of your website a lot easier.

In fact, when you pull in professionals for the task it not only relieves you of all the nitty gritties, but also ensures that you can focus on your business rather than its online visibility.

That being said, it is still critical that you know the basics. After all it is your website and whatever goes on it will directly impact your own business. So, a little research regarding the same can be quite helpful.

The concept of a Framework

When you hire a PHP programmer, the framework is responsible to present a set of classes and functions which he will be required to adhere to. PHP frameworks are meant to assist us by providing:

  • common structures
  • web apps
  • features to enhance productivity
  • reduce repetitive coding
  • stable sites

Pros and Cons of Frameworks

Pro: Frameworks function on the MVC objective which can separate the business logic from the User Interface. Model stands for Data, View for its Presentation, and Controller for the business Logic. This makes for an ideal website which can be handled by separation of concerns.

Con: Having set rules and patterns, inbuilt functions and classes may restrict creativity if not done carefully.

Pro: A proper type PHP framework can help in speeding up the entire process of web development. It is simple, if you have a map to follow, you can easily reach the destination.

Con: Different frameworks’ interpretations and supporting libraries of the MVC principle can vary.

Pro: It is extremely simple to handle. So if you are a novice, it’s going to be no problem. Not only is the PHP framework very easy to learn, it is also very forgiving.

Con: Not all frameworks are bug free. So rapidly they are fixing the bugs and releasing new versions.

Click here to View the Comparison chart of the stable versions of best PHP frameworks


Like everything in this world there are certain pros and cons to every technology. However, clearly PHP frameworks have more pros than cons. Also, if handled with care, these problems can be easily outdone. You can check the list of PHP frameworks here.

However, please note that every website has a unique requirement and therefore, it is wiser to carry out ample research before finalizing onto any particular framework. One good way of going about it is to closely analyze some of your competitor sites. Understand the frameworks they have chosen and whether it works for them or not.


Remember that it makes sense to learn from others mistakes, especially in the web word. Study everything that has worked or not worked for them and tread carefully. Of course I am not asking you to destroy the element of trial and error on your website, but you can always preserve creativity in the best possible manner with the right things going on for your website.

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