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22nd Mar 2013
Cash In On These Top 5 Web Designing Trends in 2013

The year 2012 witnessed a number of new trends in web designing that has changed the way we deal and design the websites. A revolution in the web design industry has already started off last year and, according to the experts, it will continue in the upcoming years.

In the last few months of 2012, a lot of world-famous websites were found redefining and redesigning their web presence, indicating the dawning of new trends in the tech-market. In this post, i have discussed the top 5 burgeoning trends of web designing that you must integrate in your website to make the most of your online presence.

Responsive Web Design Has the Highest Response

Combination of HTML 5 and CSS 3 is widely used to create video games or some advance animation clips these days. However, this isn’t the sole reason why this mark up language, HTML 5, has become extremely popular in developers’ community worldwide.

HTML5 enables designers to create web application that auto-adjust itself to match the screen size. Simply put, you can create a single web design that will look equally good on small screen devices like smart phones and tablets. Such design is called a responsive web design or a fluid design.

With the advent of this new designing concept, one need to invest its hard earned cash in creating different websites for different devices. For example, if you are a travel service provider, you can create a fluid design that is compatible to all screens.

In responsive web design, the content of the website shrinks and shifts automatically, without harming the readability and usability factor, to suit a particular screen size. The award-winning blog like Mashable and the Next Web has already shifted to this new style of web designing in the 2012.

The number of people accessing the websites from smartphones and tablets are growing at a tremendous pace. And it is not a viable option to create a different site for different devices, as there are hundreds devices in the markets. Thus, the year 2013 will see an explosion of demand for responsive web design.

Minimalist Color Scheme

This is another web designing concept in vogue today. By minimalist color scheme, I mean using shades of dark red and blue. Visit the websites of Mashable and The Next Web, and you will see how they have use a single color throughout the website. When you follow such consistency in your color scheme, it enhances the readability of your website.

Typography Continues to Rule

If i have to pick a one element of web design world that is a whole industry in itself, it is Typography. Gone are the days when call to action buttons were constricted to Arial fonts. Today, you can see many different designs, styles and font types in online buttons and headings.

Overflow of Web Design Companies

Of course, i am not saying that there are less number of web design companies in the world today. In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of companies in every part of the world. And many new companies will be introduced in the present year making it more challenging for businesses to find the right service provider. Check the company’s portfolio before you hire them!

Featured Boxes Will Replace JavaScript Sliders

The era of JavaScript sliders is almost ended. Most of the designers uses highlighted boxes, which are a static box with a background image topped with a heading or punch line.


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