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7th Aug 2013
Build up a Moving Experience with Website Color & Shape

What is the Importance of Shape and Color in Design?

If you put this question to an interior designer, graphic designer, website designer or any other type of designer, chances are you will get the same answer from all of them – shape and color are two of the most important and defining aspects of design.

Color has the power to provide great emotional context without using words, one of the primary reasons it is so important. Color allows you to elicit a desired emotional response when used appropriately in the design of a logo. In general red and blue are the favorites. Blue signifies calm professionalism and corporations often use it. Red elicits fiery emotion and fun, and is often a favorite of food manufacturers.

Shape also has a great impact on design. Think of popular foods and drinks or social media sites. The font type style and size can be used to easily identify such products. When the color is added, it leaves an indelible mark on your consciousness, and when you see that particular alphabet letter in that same font, you are left with no doubt about what it represents.

When you get that mixture of the right color with the right shape just perfect, you will have made a statement that is truly unforgettable and impressive. The right color and shape also must be flexible enough to stand up to different sizes. Finding this perfect combination is the designer’s most difficult task, and requires the use of their intuition and an understanding of the product or service for which they are designing. This is the nature of graphic design.

What is Color in Design?

Color is an important basic element in all design, but it is not always an element which is required. For some creative designs, a simple black & white color scheme can be far more effective than brilliant color. Color is able to influence people psychologically, physically and socially. Color has even been known to influence a person’s health. It sets the right mood, when the right color is used.


What could be better than a design that is created for a product, service or advertisement which has the power to be recognized by the general public when it is seen, and has the ability to attract your target audience and keep their attention. Using color in web design may be done in a number of ways. It can be applied as a background, a color font, in the foreground, in images, in borders and as accents.

What is the Meaning of Colors?

The first thing that is essential to know about color is how it is classified.


  • Red, orange, yellow and gold are considered to be warm colors. These intense colors exude warmth, fire, passion, happiness and energy.
  • Greens, blues and violets are cool colors and the opposite of the reds. They remind one of water, sky and nature. They are calm, relaxing, engender trust, and alternatively they can express sadness or loss.

  • Grey and black colors are the colors of sorrow or death. They are neutral colors which also represent solidity, dependability and authority.
  • Brown is also neutral color, and represent order and material things, as well as the earth.
  • Purple symbolizes power, luxury, nobility, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. It is associated with dignity, independence, creativity, wisdom, magic and mystery
  • White is seen as clean and safe. It is associated with goodness, light, innocence, purity. It usually has positive connotations and is seen as clean and safe.

What are Shapes in Design and How to Use Them?
Shape is the other element of design which delivers the greatest impact to the viewer, by offering meaning and organization to a design. They can be employed in either 2 or 3 dimensions, depending on the chosen design. There are three basic shapes that are used singly or in combination to produce the desired effect. Different shapes are used to add interest, keep that interest, for organization or separation of elements, and as a focal point to draw the eye. Shapes can also be combined to produce new shapes.

Types of Shapes

Shapes will be defined as geometric, natural or abstract.

Geometric shapes include rectangles, squares, triangles, diamonds and circles.

Abstract shapes include symbols, icons and alphabetic glyphs.

Natural shapes are representative of nature and include leaf shapes or puddles.

Different shapes affect people differently, they do have meaning and they are invaluable as a building block of design. The characteristics of a particular shape will communicate a particular message to the target audience. Shapes can also be positive or negative.

The Meaning of Shapes

Shapes are used to connect or separate information, symbolize ideas, emphasize, create emotion, add movement, depth and texture, and lead the eye of the viewer. Shapes also have meanings specific to the shape itself.


Circles, for example, have no beginning or end, and they symbolize heavenly bodies and the universe. They are complete and as such represent unity or harmony, in addition to the infinite.


Squares or rectangles represent stability, order and formality.


Triangles can be either stable or unstable, expressing tension, aggression or action.

Spirals are natural shapes often found in nature, and they represent creativity and transformation.

Crosses elicit feelings of spirituality, self or wisdom.

Vertical shapes appear strong and horizontal shapes evoke peacefulness.

Curves offer movement or rhythm to a design. Shapes can also be used as a tool for illustrating depth.

The importance of color and shape to design cannot be over-emphasized. Everything in the world around us is composed of colors and shapes. The key to great design of any kind, but most importantly for our purposes, in web design, is the shape and color of the elements which are used to compose that design. The proper combinations of shapes and colors can quite literally make your design, and the lack of them can break it just as easily.

Alan Smith
Alan Smith

Whatever the color and design you choose for your website it should be user friendly.


Hi Admin! You are doing really good job. I wasn’t aware of all the meaning behind the various color schemes. I learned a lot through this post.

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