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19th Aug 2013
The Biggest Update to TypeScript by Microsoft

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a Microsoft development, actually an open source programming language that is a superset of JavaScript and significantly extends its syntax. Any JavaScript program will work with TypeScript and requires no changes in order to use it. This product was intended for large application developments for any host, browser or OS. After compilation JavaScript is produced. It effectively extends JavaScript libraries, MongoDB, D3.js, jQuery and Node.js.

TypeScript eliminates many problems associated with structuring JavaScript code. It offers static typing which will enable static language analyses. Generic programming is supported by TypeScript, and web browsers which run on any platform can also run TypeScript. TypeScript source code can be obtained through CodePlex under an Apache 2 License.


TypeScript 0.9 Offers New Features – Re-engineered Compiler and Support for Generics

This new updated version of TypeScript is the most significant update since its inception. It is the first to offer generic programming support, the most requested feature of users, and it features a new version of the compiler which has been completely re-engineered. The intent of this product is to facilitate the construction of large applications for developers. It now has compiler tooling scalability, numerous bug fixes and many other general performance improvements which offer an interactive experience and smooth operation. The generics offer much more efficiency to developers and enables rich type checking function to facilitate error tools and reporting features.

The re-engineered compiler has helped to resolve more than 150 issues which were reported as problems on CodePlex. It is far easier to catch or avoid errors because the tools are far more accurate. The update offers external module loader language support, and much better editing performance when used with very large code bases. In addition to the compiler infrastructure redesign and support for generic programming, here are some other specific functions of the update.

  • Enums – finalized syntax for work with finite constant numeric value collections
  • External Module Loader Language Support
  • Declaration Merging to grow or expand function value and class static-sides
  • DOM functions accurate type information
  • Overloading on Constants with string parameters determining API returned type
  • Type Safety from class based object orientation and strict typing features

This is in reality only the first step of the planned updates of TypeScript to be released. Plans are in the works currently for TypeScript 0.9.1 and a continuing effort to offer even more improvements and features in the future. The current updates address some of the most commonly requested improvements received by Microsoft in the past 8 months. While the new update’s command line compilation is slower that the older version of the compiler, Microsoft representatives say that this is expected to significantly be improved when the 0.9.1 version is released.


Comparatively speaking TypeScript 0.9 is a significant improvement over the 0.8 version. Better functionality, error checking and its compatibility with all browser platforms makes this a must have tool for web developers. Boasting some of the most requested features of the 0.8 users, this update offers a number of highly desired benefits to its users.

TypeScript has already been honored by receiving the 2012 Open-Source Rookie of the Year award.


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