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3rd Oct 2012
Alternatives to Ping.fm

For those who are unaware of what Ping.fm was here is a brief introduction. It was a free micro-blogging and social networking web service which enabled users to post to multiple social media networks simultaneously.

For those who are wondering why I have highlighted ‘was’ in the first sentence then here is your answer: Ping.fm was shut down on the 5th July, 2012 and it was replaced by Seesmic Ping.

The Ping.fm was working pretty simple. Once you make an update on Ping.fm then it pushes the update to a number of different social media network of your choice at once. Now as it was a very useful service there were many people disappointed when it was closed and its alternative services took its place. However out of many similar services only few can be actually termed as alternative to Ping.fm. Here is a list of a few of the most efficient ones.

  • Posterous:
  • It is a simple blogging platform which started in 2008 and acquired by Twitter on 12th MARCH.

    Like Ping.fm this service too allows simultaneous posting on facebook and twitter. Apart from that it also allows posting on blogging services like Drupal and WordPress. Updating to this service is similar to other blogging tools. It can be done by using the rich text editor of the website. However it is specifically designed for mobile blogging.

    It also has its own URL shortening service which can be posted on Twitter.

  • HootSuite:
  • Ryan Holmes created this social media management system in 2008. It has integrated social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Mixi, Myspace, and WordPress. Also if one used HootSuite’s App Directory then additional integrations like Tumblr, Trendspottr, Digg, Flickr and YouTube are available.

    By January 2012 it had more than 3 million users. It was best paired with Ping.fm which no longer exists. However all other integrations work well as well.

  • PixelPipe:
  • PixelPipe is a gateway that allows its users to publish text, photo, video and audio files across dozens of social media networks. This can be done simply by publishing it on PixelPipe’s profile.

    Compared to other such services PixelPipe can be considered as one of the closest one to Ping.fm in terms of services provided. It offers 60 social media networks where one can post its content.

  • TwitterFeed:
  • This is an interesting service which allows to feed the blog entries of your choice into Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Only things you need to mention are the URL of the blog’s RSS feed, schedule of posting the posts and the social media account details you want to post in. TwitterFeed takes care of the rest.

  • OnlyWire:

    I kept the most relevant service to Ping.fm to be discussed at last. And OnlyWire is that service which most of the people turned to after Ping.fm. This is because of its many excellent features like:

    • Support for over 45 Social Media networks
    • Time saving tools
    • Services like analytics and reporting
    • The only drawback for small scale users is that it is a paid service however one can have a free trial for 300 submissions on signing up.

So now it’s upto you which service out of all these you decide to use for simultaneous update on social networks. And if you have any other better alternative please feel free to share in the comments section.


Hey, interesting post. I used to love ping.fm and although as you suggest, some of the tools above are handy, nothing quites replaces it. OnlyWire is the closest, but it's quite expensive for regular users. As such, we've started building Composer. We're going to take all the best bits from ping.fm and add some even better ones hopefully. It's very much a work in progress, but users are welcome to sign up and test it out and we'd love feedback from people using it.

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