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6th Feb 2013
A New Era in Web Designing – Responsive Designs

Yesterday, I was browsing a leading media company website and I noticed that the design was looking wider than the normal size, and when I click on the resize button of the browser, the content on the websites were used to get fit to its current size automatically; and I realized that the design is different that it was a month before.

Well, if you are thinking that the media company has revised its design just to present a new look in New Year 2013, or to prove their technical awareness, you’re on the wrong line. The media companies have noticed a revolutionary change in the way their customers access and use their websites.

Any company that won’t take any steps to meet these changing demands of consumers will be left in the lurch by its competitors in the market. Let’s see how:

The year 2012 was quite disappointing for the PC sales. First time in the decade, PC sales were lower than the sales in the previous year. Does it mean tech-consumers are decreasing? Of course they are not. But their interests have certainly changed. The consumers are buying more tablets than PCs.

Tablets are in VOGUE!

According to the experts, tablet sales are predicted to cross the milestone of 100 million in the current year 2013. And their sales are expected to leave behind the sales of the notebooks. Smartphones are another hot buzz in the electronics market today. A report says that over 49.7 mobile users in the USA have Smartphones.

The companies are receiving over 30% web traffic from the mobile devices, and the percentage may exceed 50% by the end of this year.  With the passage of time, the consumers are shifting to Smartphones to access the web pages.

A Mobile App or a New Web Design? Or Both?

If you create a new website or web service, this may result in a singular solution as there are thousands of tablet devices introduced in the market and you need to create a web presence that suits all of them, or at least most of them.

Instead, developing a mobile application seems a more promising solution. Creating mobile apps for some of the most renowned platforms like iOS, android, windows and Symbian is far better than having no application.  You can’t build apps for all platforms, as it isn’t a viable option for most of us.

In a survey performed by a leading news company, they found that over 60 percent of their tablet consumers opt to read news on their mobile web rather than using their app for the same. The moment I recommend media and news companies to build mobile apps, it’s also obvious that having a mobile optimized website is at the top priority.

Responsive Web Design – Why there is a lot of fuss about it?

Simply put, a responsive web design uses ‘media queries’ to learn the resolution of the device it is running on.  Such websites function equally well on all devices. The images and grids in responsive web designs automatically adjust themselves to best fit the screen.

For example, say you are reading this post on a PC browser and you shrink the browser window. The content (images, text, video, etc.) will also shrink, and the sidebar will also disappear on its own, provided the web design is responsive.

The responsive web designs can identify the device type and change their performance accordingly. If such web designs are running on touch screen devices, they offer swiping feature to the users. The virtues are many. You simply create a web design that work across millions of devices.

So, what is Your Resolution for 2013?

The facts that the sales of tablets and Smartphones are increasing like a wildfire, as well as the fact that users prefer to read news on mobile web than on app shows how 2013 is going to be a smashing year for responsive web designs.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to your targeted audience by investing a chunk of your money in building responsive web design.

In Conclusion, the time has arrived when websites should be designed by considering a million of screens available in the tech-market today. Responsive web designs are a perfect set off a web and mobile app.


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