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13th Mar 2013
3 UX Design Fantasies That Harm SEO

UX, User Experience, Design and SEO had seen many conflicts a few years back. However, the scenario has been changed in the last 5 years. Today, they both have find the right chord to live in harmony. Deporting all the negative misconceptions about how UX design and SEO communicates is the first and foremost step in enhancing the appeal and search engine ranking of your website.

In today’s post, I’m going to discuss some most commonly heard UX myths that should be neglected by us.

What’s more important – UX or SEO?

Say, you have several form field on your website where you want users to fill in the details as a part of the registration process, or to complete the check out process if you’re an e-commerce website. Or may be you want them to sign-up or allow downloading something from your website.

Regardless of your purpose, how about an idea of putting all the fields on one page, so the users need not to go on different pages to fill in the information. Or is it more appropriate option for you to scatter those fields in different pages, or simply put multiple steps?

Many studies shows that most of the time, not all of the time of course, but most of the time the multi-step process has found to provide better user experience than its alternative. Visit a bunch of e-commerce websites randomly on the web, and you will find that most of the quality websites have opted for the multiple steps alternative, and yet they doesn’t fail to satisfy their visitors.

First filling the name, email address and setting a password. Then, entering the preferences and lastly putting in your credit card number for the final payment. These three steps make the users feel like they are following an authenticate process, and it’s simple and easy! It’s a human psychology that they feel quite overwhelmed while passing through such multiple step process. Putting all the field on a single page may not work well for your credibility against the users.

Are you frustrated for the reason that now you need to change your form style? I would say, read on. “I am not getting enough registrations. My website conversion rate is lower. SEO leads aren’t coming in as well as it features a multiple step process, and i guess i should shift to a single step process.” The ultimate solution is to take a usability test and learn what works and what doesn’t; it will help you determine the right solution.

Most often, if you have small size form, breaking it into several steps doesn’t make a huge difference. But if your form size is longer, then breaking it into multiple steps may certainly help you get more visitors through this channel.

Greater Choices Bring Greater User Satisfaction

Do you really think that if you offer the visitors more choices, they are more likely to find the right solution for them, instead of giving limited option to choose from? You will find numerous websites, mainly blog-sites, where they provide a chain of social media buttons, ‘Like’, ‘Tweet’ and ‘Follow Us’, at the end of the page. Now, the question is do you feel overwhelmed when you find a bunch of such social media buttons?

Whether it’s an online shopping site categories or a restaurant menu, humans have poor decision making power, especially when have tons of choices. So, the result is, instead of picking one option, they leave the site, in most of the cases.
Here i am not advising you to banish all your social media exchange buttons from your web pages. Rather, i would argue that you pick any 2-3 that you think will create the highest impact for your SEO campaign.

Users Never Like to Scroll

If you think that most of the visitors arriving to your website don’t prefer to scroll down and that’s why you have to compulsory accommodate all content above the fold of a standard web page, unfortunately you’re wrong. Many studies have claimed this a completely wrong and invalid concept. The studies shows that in the last few years, users have learned to scroll, even scroll faster and often.

SEO professionals who focus on conversion rate optimization, lead generation, and channel optimization, scrolling option is a great assistance, as they can design more appealing layouts and place a few items above the page fold area optimizing the space.

Want to redesign your site to make it more SEO-friendly? Hire SEO consultant from India. Wait a minute. Oh..do you think they don’t offer quality service? It’s undoubtedly a myth.

So, what’s stopping you now? Give an opportunity to a good SEO company and flourish in the world of online businesses.


Gone are the days, when UX and SEO were finding it difficult to interact. Today, they go well with each other. Thus, the time has arrived when you need to dispel all the myths regarding UX that negatively hit your SEO.


Thank you Admin for such a great post! And i agree with your point.

Hawk Miller
Hawk Miller

Yes, agree with above post...........UX is most important ranking factor now days in search engine.


Incredible post,with the help of UX if search engines rankings are increasing then it's a better option and a great choice for SEO.


These are the days when good SEO companies will be identified if they can obtain a perfect balance between UX & SEO. If you think of it, UX is good for many aspects of SEO. Thanks for a better insight.


I strongly believe that better the UX, higher are the chances for a website to rank well on search engines. All major search engines, including Google are now focusing on User Experience to identify quality of website. If you offer good user experience, your website is more liked to rank higher on search engines for relevant keywords. Gone are the days when website use to rank well with just traditional SEO techniques. It's now lot more then that... Thanks for choosing this topic and giving quick insight.


I do agree with a lot of what you are saying. There is a history of SEO vs UX rather than SEO + UX. Great UX gives 100% success online.

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