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20th Dec. 2012

If the need arises for guest blogging to be defined for the novices who are new to the SEO field then it can be defined as the activity of accepting posts or articles from bloggers or freelance writers and publishing these on your blog without charging anything. Or the other way round writing these ...

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15th Dec. 2012

Many people think of PHP or Django for developing a new website as their language. But, .NET still seems to occupy a space uniquely different among the seasoned DotNet Developers across the world, appreciated unanimously for its great tools, large community and broad applicability to mobile, Xbox, d...

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7th Dec. 2012

PHP is an acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language designed to fill the gaps between Server Side Includes and Perl. It was released in the year 1995. Initially it was written as a set of CGI in ‘C’. Read More

4th Dec. 2012

Launching your business over the internet can turn out to be a revolutionary move, no matter what industry you belong to. Your online presence will increase the chances of your services or products to reach a wider audience in a far better way than feasible by marketing and advertising campaigns. Read More

28th Nov. 2012

When a user requests for a webpage to visit by clicking on some link or by entering the URL in the browser, the computer will request data from the server through HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). Different web pages are stored on different servers. Now before the requested page is sent to the co...

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22nd Nov. 2012

The site speed is a very important factor which largely affects the bounce rate of the site. The site should be such that it can sustain numerous visits without crashing. For this purpose the cache of the site should be cleared on time to time basis. Read More

19th Nov. 2012

Search Engine Optimization is undoubtedly considered as a scientific process to increase the traffic on the site and improve its rankings. When it comes to SEO the first thing that comes in the mind of a person is that the process of SEO mainly involves finding and using the keywords and in turn inc...

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3rd Nov. 2012

Apple iPhone users are well aware of Siri which has gained quite a lot of recognition since its release. But what many people missed is that Google has also come up with a Google Voice Search which is much advanced voice search tool. It allows the user to search for the data in the device which is u...

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29th Oct. 2012

The search algorithm of Google is changed up to 500-600 times every year and there is nothing new in it. But in recent past Google has grown more conscious for the users and have launched few of the major changes in its webmaster rules and search engine algorithm. Since the beginning of 2012 major u...

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25th Oct. 2012

On 16th October, Google launched it’s much anticipated tool called ‘disavow links’. The tool was released by Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team during a keynote at the Pubcon. As the name suggests this tool enables one to disavow links to their site. This tool can prove to...

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