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20th Nov. 2009

Have you ever seen any site that has lots of visitors per day but site is not ranking well? Yes, there are lots of websites on internet which are getting lots of targeting visitors and also not ranking well. Many of us thinking how it is possible? But it can be possib...

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16th Nov. 2009

What strategy to adopt in 2009  for keywords to optimize natural search a website? Google now suggests that popular queries and personalize more search results, will they lead to new approaches? Depending on the type of site and topic, must seek the "head" or "tail"? Strategy keyword: he...

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6th Nov. 2009

Today, we at ZealousWeb are celebrating 6th anniversary of the successful web solutions service across the major part of Globe. Today, we will look back at 6 years of amazing growth in the web solutions industry and parallel web designing evolution. The celebration of the anniversa...

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24th Oct. 2009

Google has announced about advanced filtering feature of Google Analytics. Now you can filter more relevant data that you want from all analytics data. Beginning of this year we announced Pivoting and Secondary Dimensions. Using Secondary Dimensions, you could, for example, see revenue metrics for c...

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9th Oct. 2009

"Don't build your web site with AJAX" you must have come across this phrase if you are professionally into search engines marketing or programming. The programmers are the one who have suffered the most due to complications created by search engines.Search engines are not able to read images, javasc...

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5th Oct. 2009

Today, I got an interesting issue with Google Analytics Goal Tracking. Recently, a Yahoo Store customer was curious to know about how to distinguish traffic from Google P...

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16th Sep. 2009

There is an excellent question asked by my team member. In short, is there any advantage when putting targeted keyword in Meta keyword tag? As per my view there is not any special benefit to add targeted keywords in the Meta Keywords tag. Keyword tags, as evidence is showing over and over, is a Meta...

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11th Sep. 2009

If you are a professional blogger you maybe aware of the tedious and confusing process of “Finding Topics” or Blogging Writer’s Block as termed by Kikolani.We believe that with so many articles updated dai...

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25th Aug. 2009

Have you read it anywhere that Google is testing to display breadcrumb in Google’s SERPs? Breadcrumb displays hierarchy and navigation to that particular page of the site. Though Google has not implemented it globally but in some area users find the bread crumb in t...

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17th Aug. 2009

Google has not declared any major changes lately, so we were all looking forward to one anticipating what it would be and how it will affect the rankings? Googl...</p>
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